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Leo’s Game Trail

Walk and play!

Children on this trail starting from the Asitz lift top station, feel inspired to walk. There are lots of activity stations alongside the trail inviting you to climb, balance, and run about. Adults will enjoy a wonderful circular walk leading up to the top of the Großer Asitz at 1914 m and to the Cinema of Nature on the Sonnkogel, with its wonderful views. The Leo’s Game Trail is open from July to 3rd October. 


Leo’s Puzzle Hunt along the Game Trail

Attention all fans of quizzes and puzzles! The new puzzle hunt along the Game Trail on the Asitz in Leogang is great for anyone who likes solving puzzles, playing, and winning prizes! At every station along the trail there is a board with a question on it. If you know the answer, write it down on the special answer card.

Hand in your completed, correct answer card at the cash desk and you’ll get a lovely surprise and, if you like, you can take part in an amazing prize draw.

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