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Cross-country skiing, winter hiking, ski touring, tobogganing and ski jumping

Experience winter on or off the ski slopes – you can do both in Saalfelden Leogang. Create your favourite kind of holiday, just the way you want it. In Saalfelden Leogang, winter has many faces – enjoy the calm and serenity of a horse-drawn sleigh ride, explore the region with a snowshoe tour, or get your heart rate going as you glide along a cross-country skiing trail. 


Saalfelden Leogang is one of Austria's leading cross-country skiing destinations
Downhill skiing is the classic among the winter sports. But in the Saalfelden Leogang region, a perfect day in the snow can also be enjoyed away from the ski slopes. Highly recommended, for example, is an excursion to the Nordic Park by Ritzensee lake in Saalfelden. Here, fans of Nordic sports will find everything their heart desires. At the heart of the area lies the Fun and Snow Park, where the kids can develop their enthusiasm for cross-country skiing. This season, the Fun and Snow Park features new steep curves and ski jumps, as well as a specially designed slalom course, which enables children to gain cross-country skiing skills in a playful manner. Of course, there are also training sessions for adults, which teach both the classic and skating technique. 
Those who are already confidently under way on their cross-country skis will find numerous prepared trails around Ritzensee lake. These range from easy to very demanding and include the World Championships trail, which is also used for training by local professional athletes such as Simon Eder and Julian Eberhard. In total, around 150 km of groomed cross-country skiing trails are available to guests during winter. 
Saalfelden Leogang is one of Austria's four leading cross-country skiing destinations. This is based on the following criteria: diversity of routes, professionally prepared cross-country trails with guaranteed snow and accommodation providers that cater for cross-country skiers. The region meets all these criteria with ease.
The frozen Ritzensee lake is also a wonderful location for ice skating, with benches dotted around the shores for a little rest in between. And don't forget to allow plenty of time to fully appreciate the snow-covered landscape nestled against the impressive backdrop of the Steinernes Meer plateau.


Moonlight ski touring at Asitz mountain
Remoteness and freedom – these are the factors that delight ski touring fans. In the Saalfelden Leogang region, the moonlight ski tours on Asitz mountain are especially memorable. Available every Tuesday and Friday, the Asitz evening ski tours are a convivial occasion, inspired by the motto "hike up, ski down and stop off for a sociable drink in between". Those wanting to explore areas of untouched winter landscape should book a trained skiing and mountain guide.


Relax while enjoying a winter hike with a visit to the new woodland swing
It is as simple as it is beautiful – all you need for a winter hike is good, sturdy footwear and off you go. Many of the paths in Saalfelden Leogang are cleared, which means you can easily stroll through the snow for miles. 
Why not try the 11.8-kilometre Haidrunde circuit? This runs along Ritzensee lake and then leads through the magical winter landscape of the nearby Kollingwald forest. The 7.1-kilometre Lettingrunde circuit is significantly shorter, but just as delightful. And if you just have half an hour to spare for a walk, we recommend the path around Ritzensee lake. 
All three routes take you past the new woodland swing in Kollingwald forest at Ritzensee lake. This is an ideal opportunity to take a seat, relax, relish the peace and quiet of the forest and simply enjoy a different perspective for once: Instead of admiring the valley, your gaze sweeps up into the treetops and the sky beyond. There's no better way to forget everyday stresses and strains.


Toboggan fun for young and old 
Going tobogganing is an absolute must for any winter holiday. The exciting descent is best earned by first tackling the two-hour ascent up the Biberg. The reward for this is an exhilarating ride along the six-kilometre natural toboggan run. But if you really can't wait to get tobogganing, you might be better off using the shuttle service. Hire sledges are available at the local inns. Accessible by gondola lift, the toboggan run "Leo’s Kufengaudi" on Asitz mountain can also be reached in comfort. For an especially memorable experience, try tobogganing at night. This is available on specific days, thanks to floodlights on both runs.


Flying Fox XXL – flying has never been this easy
From the beginning of March 2021, visitors to the region can glide through the sky and enjoy a very special view of the Leogang mountainscape. The Flying Fox XXL is one of the longest zip lines in the world and guarantees fun and a small adrenaline kick for all the family. Travelling at up to 130 kilometres per hour, the zip line covers 1600 metres, running from Asitz middle station right to the other side of Schwarzleotal valley.


Experience pure nature – travel on foot with snowshoes or ride in a horse-drawn sleigh 
Those longing for relaxation and a romantic break from the everyday hustle and bustle will love travelling through the winter wonderland in a sleigh drawn by Noriker horses. It's the perfect way to fully appreciate the beautiful surroundings. The same goes for snowshoe-hiking, which allows you to take in the stillness and simply immerse yourself in the experience. Those who prefer to leave the route planning to a local can book a group snowshoe hike and let a guide take care of it.


Winter adventure programme – with guide
You can explore the winter landscape on your own, or in a group with a guide: From December 2020 to March 2021, there are guided snowshoe and winter hikes, torchlight hikes, ski tours, horse-drawn sleigh rides and cross-country skiing taster courses for adults. Those wishing to take part in an event need to register with the relevant providers by 4 p.m. on the day before.


Enjoy comfort and relaxation in excellent and sustainably managed hotels
Saalfelden Leogang is known for its first-class hotels. Especially in winter, after a day of skiing or an outing to enjoy the winter landscape, guests appreciate the opportunity to end the day with a wellness treatment. Many of the region's establishments feature exceptional wellness and spa facilities, where sustainable rest and recreation are the maxim. Locally sourced natural materials such as wood and stone often feature in the interior design, generating a feeling of wellbeing. 
Some of the region's hotels place a strong emphasis on environmental protection, with initiatives including the provision of electric cars for guests. In-house biomass heating plants, wood chip heating systems and composting plants are used to provide energy. Great care is also taken to minimise the amount of refuse that is produced.
A holiday in Saalfelden Leogang would not be complete without the associated culinary delights. The numerous hosts in the mountain inns and huts and the restaurants follow local traditions and mainly cook with regionally sourced produce. Local specialities include a range of organic sausages and other meat products. And the region is certainly no stranger to exclusive dining. A total of 15 Gault Millau toques have been awarded to 7 local establishments. 


Benefit with the Saalfelden Leogang Card
The Saalfelden Leogang Card is the ideal way to experience the region's diverse winter programme. It provides access to activities on the mountain and in the valley, from guided hikes in the snow to tobogganing fun, and even opens the doors of Saalfelden's town buses. The Saalfelden Leogang Card lets you use numerous services free of charge – some once per stay, some daily. Many other services are discounted. Any visitor staying in a Saalfelden Leogang Card partner establishment will automatically receive the card at check-in. The card is valid from the day of arrival until the departure day (inclusive).