cross-country ski trail, cross country skiing

54 Klingler Trail

2.1 km, medium difficulty, connects with Ramseider trail and Maria Alm.

Opening hours
22.12.2019 - 29.03.2020 08:00 - 18:00o'clock. Daily.
Mittergasse 21a
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer

2.1 km, medium difficulty, connects with Ramseider trail and Maria Alm.

Additional Events


Weekly marked saalfelden

The varied offer ranges from regional delicacies and high-quality, sustainably produced foodstuffs to lovingly crafted handicrafts. Both locals and...
02. April - 29. October 2021
Katholnig & Steiner

Katholnig & Steiner

Austria Rudi Katholnig – accordion Hans-Peter Steiner – saxophone Stylishly located between Tango Nuevo, New Musette and Jazz, the two...
23. August 2020
Mira Lu Kovacz

Mira Lu Kovacs

Austria Mira Lu Kovacs – guitar, vocals Beate Wiesinger – bass Kathrin So far, Mira Lu Kovacs has released three albums under the name...
23. August 2020
Karl Ritter

Karl Ritter

„Sound Ritual“ Austria Karl Ritter – guitar Sound ritual is a multi-faceted examination of the phenomenon of waves, the analogies between...
22. August 2020
Chinzilla vs. EmC Splinter

Chinzilla vs. EmC Splinter

USA, Germany Jim Black – drums, electronics Josephine Nagorsnik -trombone, voice, electronics CHINZILLA lives in a mound of earth....
22. August 2020
Mario Rom´s Interzone

Mario Rom’s Interzone

"Truth is simple to consume” Austria Mario Rom – trumpet Lukas Kranzelbinder – bass Herbert Pirker - drums Mario Rom's INTERZONE...
21. August 2020
Lorenz Raab

Lorenz Raab "In A Silent Way"

Austria Lorenz Raab – trumpet Štêpán Flagar - saxophone Primus Sitter – guitar Philipp Nykrin – keys Christof Dienz –...
17. January 2020
Montevago | © Jean-Pascal Retel

Theo Ceccaldi / Roberto Negro

„Montevago“ France Théo Ceccaldi – violin Roberto Negro - piano Violinist Théo Ceccaldi performed with his band Freaks in...
25. August 2019
Binker & Moses

Binker & Moses Ensemble

UK, Austria Binker Golding - saxophone Moses Boyd - drums  Wolfgang Mitterer - piano/ electronics  Byron Wallen - trumpet  John...
25. August 2019

Sound Comic Improv 3 - Ernst / Chen / König

Katharina Ernst - drums/percussion Audrey Chen  - electronics, voice Lukas König - electronics
25. August 2019

DJ Set: H∆nn∆

Austria Equipped with a sure instinct for beats, bass, and other elements of style, the Viennese DJ H∆NN∆ enthuses audiences with her...
25. August 2019

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