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Leoganger Straße 57
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernern Meer

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Weekly marked saalfelden

The varied offer ranges from regional delicacies and high-quality, sustainably produced foodstuffs to lovingly crafted handicrafts. Both locals and...
09. April - 29. October 2021
Nordische Kombination

Ski jumping & Nordic combination

Austriacup for pupils and youth Austrian championship students
23. January - 24. January 2021


"Double Screening" Taiwan, Brazil, Austria Tzu Min Lee - piano Thatiana Gomes - bass Victoria Pfeil - saxophone In this trio...
13. March 2021
AHL6 | © Stefanie Freynschlag


Austria Thomas Liesinger - trumpset  Robert Schröck - saxophone Leonhard Skorupa - saxophone, clarinet Markus Schneider -...
13. March 2021


Germany Max Andrzejewski – drums, synth, electronics, voice Johannes Schleiermacher – saxophone, flute, synth TRAINING is the new duo...
23. August 2020
Max Nagl Trio

Max Nagl Trio

Max Nagl - saxophon Clemens Wenger - keys Herbert Pirker- drums “My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.” The attitude for "Moped"...
22. August 2020
Lucia Cadotsch

Lucia Cadotsch

„Speak Low II“ Germany, Switzerland, Sweden Lucia Cadotsch – voice Frans Petter Eldh - bass Otis Sandsjö - saxophone The...
22. August 2020
Ankathie Koi

Ankathie Koi

„Prominent Libido“ Austria Ankathie Koi - vocals Nick Ratterton - keys, synth Ross Stanciu - bass Georg Kutscher - drums The...
21. August 2020
Karl Ritter

Karl Ritter

„Sound Ritual“ Austria Karl Ritter – guitar Sound ritual is a multi-faceted examination of the phenomenon of waves, the analogies...
21. August 2020

Impro Session Reiner/ Siewert/ Black

Austria, USA Christian Reiner - voice Martin Siewert - guitar, electronics Jim Black - drums All concerts are conducted in accordance with the...
21. August 2020

Impro Session: Jim Black / Ingebrigt Haker Flaten / Briggan Krauss

USA Jim Black - drums Ingebrigt Haker Flaten - bass Briggan Krauss - saxophone
25. August 2019

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