Museums and mines

Exciting tour at the Leogang show mine

Six centuries of mining are just waiting to be discovered by you and your children. The guided tours through the dark and somewhat narrow channels of the Leogang show mine are an unforgettable adventure for the whole family! Here’s a tip: in July and August, there are special child-friendly guided tours including a treasure hunt.

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Discover traditions at the Salzburg Bauernherbst celebrations

Have you ever seen a real “Almabtrieb”, where cattle are herded down into the valley for the winter? Or sampled the taste of typical Pinzgau “Bladl”? During the Bauernherbst celebrations in Salzburg, there are a number of festivals featuring food, drink, customs, music and a diverse range of children’s events.

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"Tradition, customs and old crafts in the golden season"

Open space for art and culture

Open for new things, tainted in the traditions - the range of events offered by Kulturverein Freiraum, is broad, colorful and varied like the region itself. Rise the curtain for high-quality theater performances, ingenious canarets, interesting workshops and much more!

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