Delights and lifestyle for the whole family - our best tips for autumn!

Ascent the mountain with the cable car and enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains, while the kids play in the Park of Senses. Discover the culinary treasures of the region at the weekly market. Or do you prefer to celebrate traditional events? Autumn in the region Saalfelden Leogang means wonderful hiking tours, events for young and old and culinary delights with freshly harvested products. Sounds good? We have got the best tips for your autumn vacation with plenty of pleasures. 

Mountain of Senses

Continuing hiking pleasure at the Asitz mountain

We have got good news for you:  The Asitzbahn cable car in Leogang is open non-stop for hikers until the start of the sking operation in winter. So, in autumn you still have the opportunity to ascent the mountain, discover the Park of Senses and experience plenty of thrilling things. For example, there is the Cinema of Nature, which impresses young and old and the breathtaking view of the massif Leoganger Steinberge is just a bonus. 

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Discover traditions at the "Bauernherbst" festival time

Have you ever witnessed the traditional event, where the cattle are being brought back from the Alpine pastures in autumn? Have you ever tried to eat a traditional dish from the Pinzgau region called "Bladl"? Autumn time is festival time, where a few festivals with traditional food, good drinks, customs, music and a diverse children's programs take place.

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"Tradition, customs and old crafts belong to the golden season."
Herbst in der Wanderregion Saalfelden Leogang | © Peter Kuhnl
Balanced diet and Handicrafts

Products from the Pinzgau region: "Echt. Gsund. Guat."

What could be better than a vaccation where you can taste some of the local products? The Pinzgau region is known for its uncomplicated dishes and high quality products like cheese, sausages, vegetables and schnapps. Come and see how different products are made and buy them directly at the farms. And keep in mind to always look for the green seal of quality, which says "Echt.Gsund.Guat." It marks products from the region.

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Center of events

Theatre and children's cinema at the house of arts Nexus

It's worth to have a look at the program of the house of arts Nexus, as there are always special offers for kids. The program ranges from theatre for children and cinema for children to weekly events, which are especially suited for the youngest ones.

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Also the program for adults is worth to have a look at: concerts, cinema evenings, exhibitions and a lot more is waiting for you a the Nexus. 
Advantage card

Saalfelden Leogang Card

With the Saalfelden Leogang Card you have got many advantages and benefit from numerous inclusive services and discounts. Included are for example free ascents and descents with the Asitzbahn cable car, free use of public transport and much more.

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