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Theme Paths in Saalfelden Leogang

Hiking is a Treat for your Body, Mind and Soul

Saalfelden Leogang, situated in the heart of Salzburg's mountains, offers its guests a wide variety of hiking paths. To make this popular sports even more attractive, various theme paths were created. Thereby hiking becomes an even greater pleasure for the whole family.

Historical Adventure Trail

On the historical adventure trail children and their parents can take a look at the past of the Pinzgau region. 13 - in part interactive - stations along the hiking trail invite you to come on an exciting journey through time. Families learn interesting facts about the Ice Age, the Romans and about other key eras. The historical adventure trail also has interesting information about branches of trade in Saalfelden today, and also about the types of agriculture in the regions.

Duration approx. 3 hrs. / Starting point train station Saalfelden

Theme Park Nature & Stone

The 1,8 km long theme park is a perfect destination for families. 13 informative stations explain which functions the nature and its animals have for the human being. Apart from these stations where visitors get to know important facts and details, entertaining stations with exciting surprises for children have been created as well! Due to the small altitude difference of only 70 m everyone can take a hike on this trail.

Ascent approx. 45 Min. | Duration approx. 50 Min. |
Starting point Berggasthof Biberg

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The Path of Silence

Recharge your batteries on the "path of silence" via one of the last remaining inhabitated hermitages in Europe - the Einsiedelei in Saalfelden. The main station of this hike are the hermitage at the Palfen and the idyllic Steinalm on 1268 m above sea level. After 30 minutes you will already reach the Einsiedelei, which is built into the rocks underneath a cave. 50 minutes later you will finally reach the Steinalm. Located in the middle of the Steinernes Meer you can enjoy a breathtaking view from this little pasture.

Duration approx. 60 Min. / Starting point parking Bürgerau

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Leo's Fun Trail

On this route, a variety of play stations await children. For instance there are slides, the cable car and much more. The route proceeds from the mountain station via the Asitzmulde to the Sonnkogel and then to the Großer Asitz, past the reservoir pond and back again to the mountain station. Note: This hiking trail - which takes 2 hours to hike - is particularly suitable for families and can be tackled by anyone.

Note: Not suitable for prams!

Duration approx. 2 hrs./ Starting point mountain station Asitz

Tour Description

Leo's Art Trail

This 3 km circular hiking path is lined by numerous artworks in which sculptors and painters have taken a critical look at topics such as homeland, nature and tradition. Embedded in the natural surroundings, they provide a meaningful expression and form of their vision and viewpoint. Each sculpture has a story to tell, opening up new perspectives and getting to grisps with current themes - touching cultures and generations. Information boards at the respective stations provide you with precise details about the artists and their concepts. "Leo's Gang Art" art trail stands for everything except standing still. It is a symbol of continual progress; this progress is harmoniously realized in the permanent expansion of the trail with new artistic pieces. Feel moved as you walk along this exciting, living art trail!

Duration approx. 1 hour | Starting point valley station Leoganger Bergbahnen

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Saalachtaler Höhenweg - Ridge Trail

A comfortable ridge walk from the Asitzbahn mountain station over the Asitz (Leogang) towards Biberg (Saalfelden) with unforgettable views.

  • Descent with the toboggan run
  • or with the chair lift to Saalfelden.

Duration approx. 5 hrs/ Starting point moutain station Asitz or Berggasthof Biberg

Tour Description

Hike to the Perpetual Ice

Very special is the legendary hike to the perpetual ice. The natural monument Birnbachloch is one of the biggest myths in the holiday region and the perfect destination for the whole family.

The legend is about two young boys, who wanted to explore the waters of the Birnbachloch. During the descend, however, they heard a growling sound: "Gründ'st du mi, so schlünd' i di!" ("If you explore me, I'll swallow you!"). This is also why the cave has to date been uncharted and nobody knows if there is a lake below the ground.

The Birnbach Glacier

Close to the Birnbachloch you can find the second part of the natural monument, the Birnbach glacier. With an altitude of 1350 m it is the lowest glacier in Central Europe. Throughout the whole winter, huge avalanches come down from the mountain and form a glacier within the forest line.

The History about the Birnbachloch

Come on a little journey with me

Birnbachloch, which is steeped in history and legend, is a popular hiking destination in Saalfelden Leogang. The 2634 m Birnhorn - the highest peak in Leogang's Stone Mountains - is the eponym for Birnbachloch which is famed for its impressive 1400 m high precipice in particular. At the start the route proceeds past lovely barbecue areas. After an effortless climb you can discover the remains of a wooden slide, which is a contemporary witness of the end of the 19th century. Here at the entrance to the lowest glacier in Central Europe, ice was broken down into blocks by the "Münchner Eiswerke" to cool the beer in Munich's breweries. Via a wooden slide, several hundred metres in length, it was rafted to the Örgenkessel. From the Örgenkessel the ice was transported by horse and cart to the railway connection.


Mysterious and conservation protected

The hike continues via a slope where mountain pines grow and then proceeds, just beneath the somewhat westerly lying Birnbachkees, on a challeging route direct to Birnbachloch, which lies at 1291 m. Here you get to take a seat to the side of the Quellhöhle cave. As befits a cave, there are also legends and stories woven around Birnbachloch. It is said that a warning voice arises from the deep if anyone dares to advance too far into the cave: "Gründst du mi, so schlünd' i di." ("If you explore me, I will swallow you."). This is why the cave has to date been uncharted. Even when the water level is low in autumn you can only advance by a few metres. The spacious chamber locks away a siphon which is reflected in an adjoining outflow, the cave. Inside there should in actual fact be a lake and a larger cave system, which might even connect with the large Lamprechtsofenloch cave. In 1988, due to its scientific importance, uniqueness and beauty, the Birnbachloch was declared a natural monument and can now no longer be entered.

Long-distance hiking trails

Saalfelden Leogang, located in the heart of the Salzburg mountains, offers guests a rich array of relaxing hiking opportunities. On these long-distanc...

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