Simply Hiking in Saalfelden Leogang

Monday, 25.02.2019

Simply Hiking in Saalfelden Leogang

From easy trails with hiking pole sharing, to high alpine climbing routes
Put one foot in front of the other and enjoy the landscape and the freedom of movement in the fresh air. Hiking can be simply magical, especially when travelling through such a contrast-rich region like Saalfelden Leogang. You can experience all of this on the many hiking and running trails through the imposing mountain landscapes of the grass-covered mountains, the Steinernes Meer plateau and Leoganger Steinberge mountains. For those who want to travel up a bit higher, there are climbing routes and via ferratas in all degrees of difficulty. Families often feel perfectly at home on the Asitz, a mountain for all the senses.
“Simply hiking” – a no-frills concept
Moving in nature doesn’t require a whole lot of trappings. Lace up a sturdy pair of shoes and be on your way. With this thought in mind, and the fact that hiking has proven positive effects on your health, Saalfelden Leogang has developed the concept of “simply hiking.” The idea behind this concept is simple: hiking alone is more than enough. For this reason we’ve made a conscious decision to forgo action-packed themed trails. “Nothing should distract hikers from what really matters,” says Marco Pointer, CEO of Saalfelden Leogang Tourism. “We want to inspire our guests to get out there and to enjoy themselves in nature. We want to focus on getting away from everyday routine and simply hiking.” A range of studies proves the health benefits of hiking. Dr. Arnulf Hartl from Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität Salzburg says: “Hiking has been proven to have positive effects on respiratory illnesses, back problems and many of the other illnesses caused by civilisation. We need nature – it’s in our blood.” In times when the range of leisure activities is virtually endless, people welcome the simplicity of hiking. Setting off, enjoying nature and leaving their complex everyday lives behind.
Hiking pole sharing and forest swings
Along the many hiking trails, local craftspeople have built practically useful installations. For example, there are 360-degree wooden benches where hikers can take a relaxing break from hiking while enjoying the landscape from all angles, a panorama view of your own choosing, so-to-speak. By contrast, the cast-iron forest swings invite hikers to look up to the treetops and the sky above it. Of course, you can also just have a relaxed swing and listen to the forest sounds – and intended. Simply leave your mobile phones in your backpack or pocket and enjoy nature in its purest form, not through the display of a smartphone. The opportunity to take the very best holiday photo is still readily available in Saalfelden Leogang at special photo points where hikers can shoot the perfect panorama. Hiking pole sharing is one extremely practical idea. At the starting points of the trails, hiking pole stations have been erected to allow any hiker to select the right wooden hiking pole, take it along for the journey, and leave it where they found it or at another such station.
Asitz, a mountain for all the senses for families, those seeking peace and now also for fans of culture
Experience nature with all your five senses. This is the concept behind the “mountain for all the senses”, the Asitz in Leogang. At the middle station of the Leoganger Bergbahnen cable cars, the Sinne adventure park leads into the worlds of feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling and seeing via 30 stations. Young and old can walk barefoot over the soft Alpine pasture, take in the aroma of wild herbs and Alpine plants in many places, and hear the voice of the forest. Special singing bowls let you not only hear but feel certain notes. Kids can bake flatbread at the Sinne park adventure park, or paint, do crafts or make their own t-shirt.
New in summer 2019 on the Asitz mountain: the outdoor theatre and entertainment islands or listening stations where guests can listen to excerpts of special TONspur concerts.
 “Silent water” is an additional service at Asitz: loungers, panoramic terraces, Kneipp area and a swimming platform in the Speichersee reservoir invite guests to relax and enjoy the view. The silent service is rounded off by the new chapel that is being built beside the park.
Those who are not so mobile or travelling with small children will be delighted, as the Asitz, and for the first time the Steinbergbahn gondola lift are in operation all summer.
Family fun at the summer toboggan run or the world’s longest flying-fox zip line
There are many ways to get down a mountain: relaxed in the cable car, on foot via a hiking trail or with a bit more adrenaline. The “Leoklang” summer toboggan run in Leogang is an example of the latter. Starting from the mountain station at 1,800 m, it leads through the Pinzgau mountains some 400 m downward. In Saalfelden, at the Biberg there is another summer toboggan run with a total length of 1.6 km! But to really fly, visitors should check out the Flying Fox XXL on the Asitz. It’s one of the longest (1,600 m) and fastest (up to 130 km/h) steel rope slides in the world. Witness as the world flies by as you fly like superman over the trees. This is fun at its best for the whole family.
Sense the forest: hikes in the bright, sunny woodlands on the forest magic tour
Forests have their own special charms: sometimes mystical and scary, but also kitschy beautiful and enchanting. As part of the summer adventure programme, guests can discover the forests of the region in various ways. Whether swimming in the woods, hiking in the bright, sunny woodlands or on a forest magic tour, here there is something to suit every taste.
The “Einatmen. Wald spüren. Ausatmen.” (Inhale, Feel the Forest, Exhale) offer includes seven overnight stays, the Saalfelden Leogang Card, a hiking map, hiking socks, an Alpine snack, two hikes, and a TEM (Traditional European Medicine) workshop. Stay in a bed and breakfast from 249 euros or in a 4-star hotel with half board from 564 euros.
Hiking without luggage
Spending days on your feet is wonderful but the longer you’re gone the heavier your pack. For exactly such tours, there is a practical luggage transport service in Saalfelden Leogang. This will allow you to carry just a light backpack in the mountains as you enjoy the magnificent views. Meanwhile your heavier luggage will be safely transported for you to the next stage of your hike.
Plenty of route for joggers, trail runners and Nordic walkers
In Saalfelden Leogang, every runner will find his or her perfect stretch for everything from endurance training to starting a new jogging routine. The region features a substantial network of trail running and Nordic walking trails with 18 different routes. All told they total 120 km! There are also two high-altitude routes and a mountain running stretch.
A climbing area that even professionals will adore
Together, the Loferer, Leoganger Steinberge mountains, and Steinplatte mountains form the Steinberge mountain-sports region, a popular climbing area known far and wide with more than 1,000 sport climbing and alpine multi-rope routes to train. At 45 rope lengths, the “Pinzgawurm” is one of the longest climbing routes in the Alps. In addition, the region also boasts five climbing halls and a total of twelve via ferratas. Various climbing courses, for beginners to experience climbing for the first time, are also available for families.

Hiking events in the Saalfelden Leogang region:
22-23 June 2019 Stoabergmarsch24 – 24 hour hike
29 June 2019   Bergwelten Wandertag


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