Innovations summer 2021

Cinema of Nature

Sit down and enjoy at the Sonnkogel - a place to linger on different plateaus.

A breathtaking panorama offers itself for relaxing in pure nature. 

 It is easily accessible using the Asitzbahn or the Steinbergbahn lifts, following the Spielewanderweg path or alternatively via the großer Asitz.

TONspur Islands


From the top station of the Asitz lift, 5 new TONSpur islands have been set up along the path to the Großer Asitz. What’s special about these TONSpur islands is that at them you can listen again to live recordings made at last year's TONSpur concerts. In this way, all music lovers can share in the enjoyment of the TONSpur concerts even if they weren’t able to attend the concerts on the 5 Thursdays last summer. The TONSpuren islands are not only available to all summer guests, but to winter guests too.