SOUNDtrack V - Kainrath, Hojsa, Havlicek

Three music stars from Austria, about as diverse as you can get, with a shared love of Viennese music and Viennese song, but also of jazz and blues. They appear on the stages of the great opera houses and concert halls but are equally at home in Viennese “Heurigen” or on the TONspur stage where they performed at the unforgettable concert evening In Memoriam Karl Hodina in 2017 in memory of their colleague of many years, Karl Hodinas.

Tini Kainrath is a versatile singer and actress, comfortable in just about any musical environment, and is even an expert in old Viennese “Dudler” (yodelling songs).
She is celebrating around 25 years of success treading the boards that mean the world to her, as well as appearing in front of film and television cameras. What is remarkable is that in 2002 she was asked by the new ÖFB president to sing the Austrian national anthem in the Ernst-Happel stadium before a football match, in front of 32,000 fans and 1 million TV viewers. What the president didn’t know was that she sang the text variation “Heimat bist du großer Töchter, großer Söhne” (author: her musician and band colleague Helmut Emersberger), but neither the trainer Hans Krankl nor the president really noticed at the time. After countless protest and but more recently an official apology in the media (“in future we will make sure that the text of the anthem is exactly adhered to. We were not informed about it, and would like to apologise.” (Quote:, 19.4.2002), it led to reprimands being sent to Tini Kainrath’s address (“with reference to your own interpretation of the Austrian national anthem in the Ernst-Happel Stadium, which occurred without the knowledge and agreement of the ÖFB, we would like to inform you that the ÖFB is very irritated at your behaviour and may take legal action taken against you, should we be prosecuted.” Quote: Augustin, Edition 03/2010)

Tini Kainrath has been singing and “dudeling” in various ensembles for 30 years. She joined the 1. Wiener Pawlatschen AG with Doris Windhager in 2001, a group whose founders were the musician Helmut Emersberger and his friend from his school days, Thomas „Tommy“ Hojsa. Together they indulged themselves in Viennese and cabaret songs, couplets, and Viennese Schrammel music. She collaborated for many years with the singer, jazz, stage, and Schrammel musician and composer Tommy Hojsa who remained true to the genre, and has dedicated himself to Viennese song since 1991. Again and again, however, he has dared to venture into jazz and other musical areas. Amongst his jobs, he worked at the theatre in Josefstadt in Vienna and at the Viennese Burgtheater, and gave his debut in 2013 at the Salzburger Festspiele in Nestroy’s Lumpazivagabundus. In 2014 together with M. Jakisic he was responsible for the musical side of the Festival production Die letzten Tage der Menschheit. He sees musical links between Vienna and New Orleans, and was amongst other things pianist for 6 years in the jazz legend Karl Ratzer’s band; since Karl Hodina’s death 2 years ago, the sensitive accordionist has taken on his part and performs, if his diary allows, with Tini Kainrath and Peter Havlicek, as he is doing on the TONspur stage.

Peter Havlicek is a sought-after bass and jazz guitarist, singer, arranger, and composer (Viennese music, theatre and film music) who was originally a jazz musician, though more recently has dedicated himself more to Viennese music.
He “studied in “Kasperl” theatres, coffee houses, and on journeys” before he changed to Harry Pepl at the Musikhochschule Graz (classical and jazz). Today he is a specialist for transboundary non-classifiable music that lies between Schrammel music, jazz, and classical. He is the co-founder and member of numerous ensembles (Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln, Duo Steinberg and Havlicek, Palmisano Sulzer Havlicek, Walther Soyka Trio, ...), has played and plays on famous stages in Vienna and with a large number of musical greats at concerts in over 30 countries, and is just as successful there as he is in the “Heurigern”.
15. August 2019
TONspur Bühne am Asitz
Day of Event
Hütten 39
5771 Leogang

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