SOUNDtrack IV - Roland Neuwirth & radio.string.quar

Roland Josef Leopold Neuwirth was born in Vienna in 1950 and is an author, singer, and composer. From 1968 he played bass in various jazz formations, developed more in a blues and rock direction, and then during a jazz concert realised that he was “neither black, nor “born” in Chicago”. As a result, the Floridsdorf-born musician decided to turn his focus to Viennese song and “Schrammel” music. He earned his keep as a trained typesetter at a leaflet printer’s which was his bread-and-butter job until 1985 when he became a professional musician. As leader of the group “Extremschrammeln”, he has written about 300 songs for duo and Schrammel groups, with amongst other things dances, waltzes, some orchestral works, theatre, film, and music for radio plays. He and his ensemble are committed to a renewal of Viennese song. At New Year’s Eve 2016 he, with Extremschrammel, gave his last concert and left the stage as “at the age of 66 you are no 25-year-old any more. He wanted to enjoy some peace and compose, go fishing, sit in the garden, smoke and suchlike.” (Roland Neuwirth about the last 2 concerts and bidding farewell to the stage).

Roland Neuwirth managed to keep away from the stage for 19 months and 4 days. Then a friend and event organiser asked him to appear at a festival. Neuwirth said he would. However, he didn’t perform with his former ensemble, but with the radio.string.quartet. On the programme were not only Neuwirth classics but also some new compositions arranged by the musicians of the r.s.q and by Roland Neuwirth himself. The combination of string quartet and new arrangements brings Neuwirth’s songs onto a totally new level and makes listening to and hearing the pieces anew incredibly exciting.

Roland Neuwirth has this to say about his new musical project: “when an ensemble as superb as the radio.string.quartet takes on my songs, they suddenly take on a totally new dimension. The violinists Bernie Mallinger and Igmar Jenner played for a long time with the Extremschrammel group. Together with the superb and beautiful ladies Cynthia Liao (viola) and Sophie Abraham (cello), they form an incredibly virtuoso, groovy string quartet. With such a presence, you can’t avoid being drawn in. So you must understand, I am addicted, I’ll sing again.”

The radio.string.quartet quartet is a string quartet from Vienna that caused furore at the 2006 Berlin Jazz Festival. Amongst other things, it is famous for its wide musical repertoire and compositions and arrangements that span a range of different genres. With classical, rock, jazz, folk, pop, electronic, and contemporary music influences, the band has developed its own sound world. The 4 musicians are masters of improvisation, “their passionate dedication to their instruments is admirable…” (Quote: John McLaughlin)


Roland Neuwirth: Vocals and bass guitar
Bernie Mallinger: Violin
Igmar Jenner: Violin
Cynthia Liao: Viola
Sophie Abraham: Cello
le Wien, Ensemble Amarcord Wien, …
08. August 2019
TONspur Bühne am Asitz
Day of Event
Hütten 39
5771 Leogang

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