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Sense adventure park

Awaken your senses in the Discovery Park for the senses

Awaken your senses in the sensory experience park for the senses
Learn how the eye sees, the ear hears, the nose smells, the skin senses, the foot feels, and the hand touches.

What to expect in the Sensory experience park  for the Senses?

First of all there is Leo’s water world, with a waterfall you can walk through, and Kneipp basins, an integrated barefoot path and herb and Alpine flower walk with between 80 and 100 plants, trees, shrubs, Alpine flowers, and kitchen herbs, all near to the mid station of the lift.
The park is interesting for visitors of all ages. There are more than 30 stations to investigate and experiment at, either individually or in groups, and suitable either to peruse whilst passing, or to spend longer at. There are information signs to tell you what it’s all about. Awaken your senses!

Where is the Sensory experience park for the Senses?

You get to the park by taking the 8-seater Asitz gondola lift; the bottom lift station is in the Hütten part of Leogang. The Discovery Park for the Senses is near to the mid station, next to Alpine pastures and partially in woodland. The Stöcklalm provides meals and refreshments.

Introduction in the senses experience park


This program takes daily in July and August at 11am, 01.30pm and 03.00 pm place.
For adults and children!

We are going to tell you a exciting story from the Leoganger Moutain world and we will...

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Week program the mountain of senses

Come on and activate your sense! We offer a lot of attractions e.g. the Leo's Water World, herbal and alpine plants way. Finally the mountain of sense park is a destination for the whole family - about 30 stations e. g. Giant Hand, Barefoot, perfume tree, listening island ...

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Leo's waterworld

Leo’s Waterworld with its various activity stations is at the mid station of the lift, in the Discovery Park for the Senses. At first sight, on entering the park, you may think that it is a children’s playground. However, visitors quickly realise that this is also of interest to adults. The Discovery Park for the Senses has a range of different, exciting activity stations for young scientists and their families to enjoy.

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Lay down in the eavesdropping island and hear with giant ears. What is that? A swooshing river, breaking branches, cow bells from the grassland...

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There are 24 different smells hidden in the smelling tree. You can pull out single drawers and take a smell on it. Can you separate the different smells? Does it remind you at something? Is it lavender, nutmeg or strawberry?

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We grind grains with stones to flour, knead the dough with the hands, form the flatbread and roll it out flat. After that the flatbread is crispy baked in the oven. Smell and taste the handmade flatbread and listen to an exciting story while you are eating.

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Find out how your eyes react to different optical phenomena and amaze yourself at how images appear to move all by themselves, and how you appear to see things that your neighbour can’t see at all.

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Touch with closed hand into the giant wooden hand. You can touch alternating with the right and the left hand and with closed eyes into the giant hand. Try to separate rough from soft, wood from metal etc. from each other.

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Herbs & plants way

Homoeopathic and medicinal plant, foodstuff, stimulant, and used in herbal tea.

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Leo´s photo competition

Leo is looking forward to your visit! Send your best picture with Leo to The more creative the better!

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