Ein Bad in den Alpen

Wer bei Wellness nur an Quarkmasken mit Gurkenscheiben denkt, wird in der Region Saalfelden Leogang schnell eines Besseren belehrt. Entdecken Sie neue Dimensionen des Wohlfühlens zwischen Stein- und Grasbergen. Die einzigartige Kulisse der Bergwelt kombiniert mit traditionellen Behandlungen tun einfach gut und bieten den idealen Rahmen für eine persönliche Auszeit.

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Vital paths

Vital paths allow you not only to find your personal balance, but also allow you to leave all your cares behind and appreciate the richness of our animal and plant-filled world. By assessing the hiking trails, a total of eight vitality paths have been mapped out, ranging from trails to energise, through those to harmonise, and culminating in those to regenerate your. Thus attuned to the individual's present physical condition, everyone can find their ideal path to relaxation or to get active.

If you are looking to calm your busy mind, pick one of our regenerating hikes. If you want to energize, we recommend an activating hike. Should you find that your body and spirit are not perfectly aligned then a harmonious walk is highly beneficial.


Waldbad (Forest Bath)

In the midst of absolute calm and silence there are two large tubs right at the forest edge. They are filled with fresh, fragrant and warm spring water and soothing essences. This is a very special ex...

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For thousands of years yoga has been practiced to bring to body and mind into harmony. Through a variety of breathing and mediation exercises –Asanas und Pranayamas – physical and spiritual balance is...

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Literally translated, Ayurveda means “the science of life” and is generally understood as comprehensive health science. Ayurveda treatments thus serve both to maintain the health of healthy people, bu...

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Physiotherapy & massages

Physio Drehpunkt moves! As physiotherapists we are specialists for movement and exercise and this in numerous medical fields – in prevention as well as therapy and rehabilitation. Since it is a speci...

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