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Lebensfeuer – Life Fire

Life Fire - this is the pictorial representation of the autonomic nervous system by the company Autonom Health Gesundheitsbildungs GmbH (Independent Health Education Ltd.). To create this, the heart rate variability (HRV) is measured over 24 hours. Heart rate variability is a measure of the health and adaptability of the organism. Because the human heart responds to all external and internal signals - such as breathing, thinking, acting - with finely tuned changes in heartbeat. After such a measurement, effective approaches to nutrition, physical activity and sleep can be arrived at in a personal consultation in order to create a higher quality of life.

Martin B. (37) is proud of his life fire. The image shows a dense, fundamentally strong and high blazing fire and confirms his good substance, sufficient reserves and high motivation.
Although Hannes R. (37) is the same age, his picture on the other hand is worth a 1000 words. The “pale” life fire shows his limited economy of reserves. His reduced power potential makes it extremely difficult for Mr R to get things done at work.
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