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Saalfelden Leogang tourist office outside Leogang

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In late November 2012, a new tourist office was opened in Mittergasse in Saalfelden directly behind the Congress Saalfelden. It is now open to all guests, landlords and locals for inquiries, suggestions and bookings. The team of architects from Atelier 3 created an authentic building, which gives visitors a “slice of mountain life” immediately as they come in. First and foremost, the new tourism office is clearly an ultra-modern service centre. This fundamentally very modern and pared-down building is however also decorated with wood and stone in its original form, with mountain silhouettes, pictures and decorative beams with figures of heads. These are carved characters from the Middle Ages to fend off evil spirits, misfortune and illness. Such animal and dragon heads can often be seen on doors, gates and balcony ridges of old farmhouses. The use of wood and stone in construction has a long-standing tradition in Innegebirg. In the form of the stunning limestone massifs of the Leogang Mountains and the Steinernes Meer with the vast pine forests at their feet, they are essentially the very landmark of Saalfelden Leogang. Locals and tourists draw much of their energy from the unmistakable power of this backdrop. Reason enough for the modern hotel architecture returns time and again to the natural materials of wood and stone – just as was the case most recently for the new tourist office.

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