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Neo-ecology: sustainable regeneration and energy autonomy

A flagship project on the branding development process for Saalfelden Leogang

Autonomy is a state of independence and self-determination. The word “energy” is Greek and comes from εν (en), meaning “inner” and from ἔργον (ergon), meaning “acting,” hence the term “energy autonomy”: A state of independence and self-determination acting from within.

It is precisely this state that the Saalfelden Leogang region aims to achieve. In the holiday village of Leogang, a project team has already been founded to that end, which, with help from the community members, seeks to achieve energy autonomy for the town in 10 to 15 years. The holiday village has an exceptionally promising staring point for reaching energy independence. The valley pathways support the use of renewable energy sources. The Leogang cable cars, for example, given the need for the snowmaking facilities in the winter, use the possibility of a storage battery for running in the summer. With such examples of energy storage, independence from the existing power grid will be further exploited and increased.

Even the holiday town of Saalfelden has been committed to limiting its energy usage and to develop renewable energy sources. Since 2007 Saalfelden has been part of the e5 state programme and thus one of the 19 participating communities who are committed to that end in the Federal State of Salzburg.

Many hotels in Saalfelden Leogang have wholeheartedly joined the “green trend” bandwagon. Numerous hotels already provide their guests with self-generated energy from their own biomass heating plants, some even recently with their own composting facilities. Many other accommodations promise their guests an environmentally-friendly holiday with organic breakfast, sustainable health and spa offers or Green Meetings.

Energy-autonomous tourist regions have already proven this: everyone needs to pull together, without trivializing the objections and concerns of others.

For detailed information on the community projects, please visit:

Stadtgemeinde Saalfelden

Gemeinde Leogang

Nachhaltigkeit im Hotel Forsthofgut

Excellence in sustainable thinking and action

umwelt service salzburg awards the umwelt blatt salzburg (the Salzburg environment leaf) to resource-efficient Salzburg companies and institutions.

On Wednesday, 20 March 2013, umwelt service salzburg held its annual umwelt service salzburg gala at the Salzburg studio of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. The ten award winners from the Federal State of Salzburg show what the Gala's current motto is all about: “Doing instead of waiting. Forward thinking. Lead with energy efficiency.” They received the “umwelt blatt salzburg” because they are forward-thinking and lead with energy efficiency, avoid waste, use climate-friendly transport and act in an environmentally-friendly way.

We warmly congratulate our 3 winners from Saalfelden Leogang:

  • Hotel Forsthofalm, winner of the Environment Category
  • Hotel Rupertus,  winner of the Waste, Resources Category
  • Kletterhalle Felsenfest (Felsenfest Climbing Gym), winner of the Energy Category

Energieeffizienz-Erfolgsnachrichten bei den Leoganger Bergbahnen

20.03.2013: Zur Bewertung des Erfolgs eines Effizienzprojektes ist eine Evaluierung der durchgeführten Maßnahmen erforderlich. sattler energie consulting unterzieht die durchgeführten Projekte diesem Härtetest und hat die prognostizierten Einsparungen in allen zuletzt »

Der Löwe - das Hotel für mehr Lebensgenuss


Location: Directly in the quiet village center. Hiking and biking trails from the hotel. In winter there is a family lift behind the house and cross-country ski is 100 meters away. Free shuttle to the...

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