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Marketing Association

Saalachtaler Bauernprodukte [Regional Products]

The regional consciousness was long maintained mainly by rural society. Today preserving this indigenous character is of increasing importance. In the region of Saalfelden Leogang there are pioneers who realized very early on that tourism greatly depends on the farmed countryside. In order to encourage farmers to sell their products, the marketing association “Saalachtaler Bauernprodukte” was founded in autumn 1993 under the leadership of President Franz Forsthofalm Widauer.  


Through the resulting close cooperation between the farmers and innkeepers and the butchers already about 100 members benefit from one another today: 

  • The farmers can sell their products at a reasonable price
  • and the butchers and tourism companies offer their customers the very best quality, 
  • which ultimately don’t really cost much more.

The welcome voucher from the region

A culinary welcome and good-bye present for our guests at the "Saalachtaler Bauernladen"!

The village shop at Leogang

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Saalachtaler shop with regional products

Foundation: In 1993 in the autumn there was founded on the initiative...

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