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Kleidermacher-Manufaktur [Regional Costume Manufacturer]

Regina Wienerroither, Master craft

Those looking for something special will find it here. In the historic ruins of Brücklwirt in Saalfelden the costume factory of Regina Wienerroither is quite at home. And just as the building embodies tradition, history, zeitgeist and at the same time dresses up in a contemporary way, so too does the costume collection of Regina Wienerroither present itself.

The Pinzgauer native and skilled dressmaker lives in and loves the region and this can be seen each of her garments. She learned the craft from the bottom up, mastering long forgotten manufacturing techniques and focusing on the traditional. With a feel for current trends she designs her collections in a modern and contemporary way. Old patterns are found in their own fabric creations, as with the “lion's head” in the National Park dirndl and the Regional dirndl - taken from the indigenous dirndl of the Saalfelden/Leogang region. That not only the inspiration but the materials themselves should come from the region is her work credo.

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It is the tension...

...between the traditional and the modern, between authenticity and cosmopolitanism, between value and trend that Regina Wienerroither masterfully balances and resolves. Whatever she does, it is authentic. She is her sharpest critic and most demanding quality control: only what’s “good enough for her” makes it to the factory. But the dirndls need to make it up the mountain sometime!

  • The Pinzgauer weekday costume was the model for the stretch dirndl: plaid bodice, solid coloured skirt - matched with innovative stretch to achieve maximum comfort and convenient washability.
  • The latest masterpiece: The loden dirndl with velvet apron.

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Wear a piece of home stitch by stitch

The uniqueness lies in the details - we all know that. Unfortunately, these days very few still follow this rule – people don’t have time for such “quaintness” anymore. 

But the good Lord has smiled upon the region Saalfelden Leogang. Because here innovative companies show patience and passion and even muster up the necessary bit of courage. Because at a time when everything is heading in the direction of “more”, they stay aware of the reality on the ground and use local resources and strengths.

100 yards of fabric for Saalfelden Leogang
It was in the summer of 2011, when the region Saalfelden Leogang decided to have a uniform outfit created as part of their branding process. In the Leogang-native Regina Wienerroither they found a skilled partner, because she enjoys an excellent reputation as a designer of stylish traditional costume fashion - far beyond the Pinzgau. In addition, she is considered a master of combining the tried-and-true with the new. And so she designed a fabric that suits this region of stark contrasts: true to nature, open to new ideas, in green, white, beige and full of functionality for the (tourist) daily life - and for a motif: the lion head. As if the fabric were not enough, she also created the clothes from it: a blouse, a dirndl skirt and a dirndl dress.
In addition, she designed a loden dirndl with typical design guidelines: narrow skirt, slim apron and square cut. For the bodice she used a fine grey loden; for the skirt, a nice black wool. Her standards were high here too, because the materials used must only come from the region.

The region steps forth
When this regional dirndl was finished, the anticipated demand kicked in. Many hoteliers kitted out their receptionists, service people or themselves in these clothes - often in different combinations: complete - with dirndl skirt and blouse or with skirt or blouse, if they already had, for example, an in-house black dirndl and wanted to continue using it, or they opted for the dirndl alone, because they preferred wearing a red apron with it. The flexible offer makes all these variations possible.

Equality for men too! 
In order to not leave the gentlemen out in the cold, the time was ripe for the logical next step:
The men also needed an appropriate outfit. And so Regina Wienerroither created a vest, tie and a loden sports jacket with corded arms, deer horn buttons, green sleeve patch and green hand-stitched seams on the breast pocket and hem. No ifs or buts: this creation sparked an “I must have it” effect and so male hoteliers predominantly wore it themselves. The name of the sports jacket couldn’t be more fitting: WIENERROITHER - Steinernes Meer.

The region for back home 
Regina Wienerroither excitedly says that she’s also enthused many guests with the new regional costumes. Many tourists who come here identify with the regional life they’ve experienced here so much that they want to bring it back home with them. The beauty of this collection is especially in the options for individualising it, since blouses and aprons can be worn according to your personal taste - there are no rules. The Saalfelden Leogang Tourism Association obviously wears the new regional costumes for men and women on special occasions, and they are now uniformly seen at official events and trade fairs. That this has created special prestige is truly indisputable. Finally, we wanted to ask Regina Wienerroither whether there would be a chic pendant for the sports jacket for the ladies. But you could only perceive a smile that said as much as: “If you only knew just how many ideas are circling through my head...”

New Region costume

Saalfelden Leogang is known as a tourist region that seeks to build a bridge between tradition and modernity. This is recently evidenced by a new regional costume that the Leogang costume dressmaker Regina Wienerroither has tailored to the Saalfelden and Leogang tourism professionals. Wienerroither is the creative force behind all the designs of her specially-created ecru fabric and the lion's head motif typical of Saalfelden Leogang. The collection includes men's and women models in different variations. The cut of all models is based on old costumes. The shape, however, is refreshingly relaxed and casual - typical of the casual fashion of the 21st Century.