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Shopping & Infrastructure

Shopping opportunities in the shopping town of Saalfelden

The many cultural and shopping opportunities in the shopping town of Saalfelden offer other highlights from the “relaxing” offer of the region. Saalfelden is the third largest city in the federal state of Salzburg - and the economic centre of the Pinzgau. In the 12,000 sqm-large downtown, you can find regional traditional costumes, sports and fashion boutiques, jewellers and potters, eyeglass and watch shops, toys and leather goods, books, confectionery shops, cafes, cocktail bars and restaurants in over 140 shops and establishments.

Digital Saalfelden Shopping Guide

Leogang offers everything a shopper's heart could desire.

Even down-to-earth Leogang offers a real choice of fine selected shops - from sport to fashionwear, to regional handicraft and farm products, you will find everything a shopper’s heart could desire.

Live report on shopping

Dear Lisa,

I've been in Austria four days now - specifically in Saalfelden Leogang - in the middle of the mountains. You heard it right – me! You can imagine that I needed some time to get used to it. But it’s not only the nature, the mountains and the tranquillity that’s completely unfamiliar to me.

It’s also that the people are so different. They are somehow so friendly and courteous and when they talk to each other, then I can't understand a word. I often wonder what they're talking about. They seem so happy. It’s all very weird here. But good. I decided to take some good advice and left the city behind for a week to recharge my batteries.

After checking into the hotel I really tried to adapt myself to the prevailing serenity and even indulged in a glass of champagne. Just at that moment I perceived an interesting voice - deep, strong and confident. Ooohh - who is that? I turned around and saw Mr Perfect standing at the bar. A burning curiosity flowed through me like an airplane suddenly taking off through my whole body and you can imagine what I did - I immediately took the initiative. You know me.

The long wait isn’t my thing. So I got up, walked, slowly, sharp to every movement on the bar, struck an upright pose right next to the my object of desire, and said to the barmaid, with a sensual, but decisive voice: “Could I have another glass of champagne? ”Yes! He took the bait. He turned to me and looked me up and down. A real hunk! Well, how things turned out you can easily imagine. Since then we have spent every day together and I quickly discovered the comforts of my new surroundings. We went golfing and horseback riding together, watched the sunset from the hermitage, eating brilliant food and just enjoyed being together.

His name is Christopher by the way and is from Berlin. Today I had to spend some time with myself, because Christopher had booked a climbing tour. Scrabbling around in the rocks isn’t really my thing – I might get stuck in the wall and die a painful death. No – I could without that. So I set off for familiar terrain. I went to downtown Saalfelden to see if there’s any decent fashion here. As you know, I’ve got a really good nose when it comes to fashion and labels - to say nothing of the dog that jumped on me when I got out of the taxi.

He apparently confused me with his owner and absolutely glued himself to me. I was really afraid he would snap at my Gucci handbag and nose through my make-up, timer, mobile etc. looking for dog treats - which I obviously don't carry around in my bag. So there was nothing to do but to duck into the first shop I could. My astonishment was clearly visible. I was in a really stylishly appointed Marc O'Polo Store. The owner came up to me and asked me if there was anything I was looking for. I usually prefer to look around for myself without help, but somehow she really had a way.

She showed me the latest collection and you can imagine that I couldn’t leave empty-handed. I chose a blue summer dress. After this successful purchase, of course I had to know what other must-haves there was around here, and as I said - my nose never fails me. After a few steps I was standing right in the town square. What I then did, you can’t imagine. Now don’t think me as totally perverse, but it was really cool. So, there I was in front of the Gössl display, a regional costume shop. Yes, exactly! Well, you can guess what happens next. I went in, looked around - I had to do it - tried on a dirndl, then another, then another - until I had a total of 20 outfits. Can you imagine how funny that was?

I'd totally fallen for the local traditional look and then found another costume shop that was just around the corner - Trendmaker. There, too, I draped myself in loads of clothes. A saleswoman even wanted to teach my how to say hello in the Pinzgau dialect: “Griass Di. ”At first I did couldn’t get it straight, but eventually I was just went about saying hello from mirror to mirror. Euphoric about this new-born taste for alpine fashion taste, I moved on and came to another shop - Lederer.

There I found a cool blouse with an embroidered deer. It made me think of my sister Sabine, who even said to me when seeing me off: “Be careful not to get pronged by some belling stag.” And then I suddenly had the urge to get this blouse for her. Gradually I was overcome with hunger. No wonder, with all these thoughts about hunting! I was really happy that I came across the VaBene, because eating there is definitely more pleasant than tormenting yourself prowling around the forest for food. And who knows what would happen to me out there after all. I’d probably stumble over some mushrooms and break my ankle.

So I installed myself safely and comfortably on the large sun terrace and treated myself to a nice plate of gnocchi with mushroom sauce. After this refreshment, I went down the alley again and came across the Fiechtl jewellery shop. The display drew me right into the store. And you know, Mr Fiechtl was so kind and helpful to me that I couldn’t help but pick out a matching necklace for my new summer dress. I then ambled a bit through Saalfelden and came across the Berka shopping centre. I tell you - a true paradise for families! Toys over a space of 1,000 sqm and a huge selection of fashion trends for women, men, kids and babies.
I totally lost myself from sheer looking, and at some point I suddenly realised that I'd be running around the whole time with a teddy bear in my arms. It was probably time to go. People were already giving me funny looks. Was it me or the bear? Hmmm. Chances are it was the bear. The fact is it was over a metre tall. But I got the stuffed animal instead - for my little cousin Emma. Across the street I saw a new building with high glass front: Prader Interior I read and stepped into the store.

Don’t worry, I didn’t buy myself a new sitting room, I could hardly put that in my suitcase, but I was inspired and I will certainly do apply one or anther idea back home. As I was holding up a beautiful glass bowl, a lady behind me said that she had recently bought it, and that it now was now where she kept delicious Berger chocolates. Chocolates? Berger? Who and where is it? “Just a few meters from here, around the corner and continue straight ahead. You’ll see Berger Feinste Confiserie [confectioner’s shop].

They make the best sweet treats from chocolate. It was not long before I had chocolate, then a dark chocolate bonbon... Whoops – as I was enjoying this delicious gluttony I'd gotten chocolate all over myself. What a klutz I am! Good thing I’d bought a new dress today. Then I had to change into it right away. Ultimately, I didn’t want to go wandering around the streets a mess all covered in chocolate. When changing in the toilets, I overheard two ladies who were talking about handmade stretch dirndls by Regina Wienerroither.

You can imagine how that aroused my great curiosity and so I immediately looked about in the truly brilliant studio and was impressed by the many fabrics, styles and patterns. Dear Lisa. You see, I'm really good and I cannot believe that I already have to leave in three days!

See you soon and I send you many greetings from the Steinernes Meer, Yours, Caroline