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Kornel Grundner on Tourism

Commissioner of the Leogang Mountain Railway & Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Leogang

Tourism in Leogang can be described as an indisputable main economic activity. It is the driving force for retail and the excellent infrastructure of the municipality is also due to the positive development in tourism. In Saalfelden this economic factor is not as high - here trade and commerce dominate. The town also established itself as a district metropolis for shopping. Together, the two sites complement each other perfectly and strengthen the region as a strong unit.

A holiday region rich in contrasts

Saalfelden Leogang is characterized mainly by the wealth of its contrasts: Tradition and modernity, wood and stones, activity and relaxation, lively small city and down-to-earth village life, business and recreation etc. But the brand core analysis also shows us congruities, since connection to nature, sportsmanship and culture and tradition embody both places. So in summary you can say that Saalfelden Leogang is traditionally cosmopolitan.


In the future, I see that the products offered will increasingly come to the fore. The customer will spend his holiday wherever his needs are met. High quality tourism will not be determined by price policies. Our task will be to put together good deals and to show these, together with our beautiful natural landscape and regardless of national boundaries or other structural constraints, to as many people as possible.