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Christine Zehentner about customs & tradition

Christine Zehentner, Committee Member of the Leogang Theatre Group, reporting

Customs and traditions goes together with life in Saalfelden Leogang like bees and honey. The cycle of the seasons is supported by various traditions that are not just upheld by locals. Some events probably owe the fact that they are still performed, or increasingly so than before to tourism. So some traditional customs groups would probably not be as active were it not for be regular appearances (for guests).

Down-to-earth atmosphere & positive energy

Fortunately, in recent years you can once again sense a quite deliberate commitment to the region and the deep-rooted traditions and in this context dirndls and lederhosen are experiencing a real hype. Formerly, customs were neither a memory of old days, nor a conscious maintaining of tradition; it had an inestimable value for people. They identified with the fixed points of the year, drew lessons from them and prepared for them.

  • Today, locals and visitors once again are consciously enjoying the earthy atmosphere and positive energy that these celebrations bring with them- be it, for example:
  • at the solstice bonfires
  • at the Georgiritt
  • and Leonhardiritt (Saints processions on horseback)
  • or at the Harvest Festival celebrations with ceremonial cattle drive down from the mountains.
  • The rural youth are very active in our region; they are the ones who organise the Spielberg-Ranggeln (Alpine wrestling event),
  • who twine the Thanksgiving Crown
  • and who perform the May Day Festivities with the Maypole Dance. 

Am very pleased to see that so many people are keeping this club culture alive: Bands, fire brigades, Plattler (folk dancers), Schnalzer (traditional whip cracking) and many other clubs have members from young to old.

Cushion production... the Trachtenschneiderei Wienerroither [traditional costume dressmaker]. Here there are exclusive clothes and dirndls made to measure, handmade cushions and much more.

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