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Nicole Waltl-Piffer on Architecture and Design

Nicole Waltl- Piffer - W2 factory owner - reports

In a time of fast-paced living...

...... we long for grounding and security. Both factors can be found in the family circle and we express them in the form of our handicraft. We also go in search of our roots, consciously spend more time in nature, heed ancient wisdom, philosophize about tenets of life and draw strength from the atmosphere of Home.

What is Home?

Invariably, I ask myself the question: “What is Home? “And I come up with: In its best expression, home can be thought of home as a space that is snug and secure, yet large enough to be open to others and strangers.

Influenced by the impressions of our lives, we create our personal balance between cliché, kitsch and art. That is why for me architecture, that constantly surrounds us all, is not the mere construction of a building according to commercial functionalism or its manufacture, but rather an experience of artistic plurality and beauty that transcends the purely purposeful and is personalized with ornamental and sculptural decoration. In Saalfelden Leogang there are many people who share this feeling and bring it to life within their four walls - and do so even if it's only in a smaller form, such as in decorating with treasures from nature, preserving of fruits or shapes of the garden.

Tried and true identity

In the local way of life, a clear tendency towards the tried and true identity can be observed:

since Schrotköpfe [wood scrap figures],
Labstangen [traditional agricultural rods] 
and Fleckerlteppiche [patchwork quilts]

...are again taking their place in architecture, in new interpretations.