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Mountain of the Senses

Experience your senses at the Sinne-Erlebnispark [Senses Experience Theme Park]

Learn how the eye sees, the ear hears, the nose smells, the skin feels, the foot understands, the hand grasps... It’s all awaiting you at the Sinne-Erlebnispark.

  • Leo's Water World with walk-in waterfall and water Kneipp pool, built-in barefoot path
  • and herbs and alpine plant trail with 80-100 plants, trees, shrubs, alpine flowers and cooking herbs in the intermediate station area.

The Sinnepark is interesting for all ages. The more than 25 stations and devices can be explored and tested alone or in groups. They are suitable for a longer stay as well as to read in passing. Information boards familiarize you with the stations within the Sinnepark. Activate your senses!


You can get to the Sinne-Erlebnispark with our eight-seater Asitz cable car. The lower station is located in the hamlet of Hütten in Leogang. Interrupt your journey to the mountain station and visit the Sinne-Erlebnispark at the intermediate station!

The Sinne-Erlebnispark is located in the intermediate station area next to the alpine meadows and partly in the forest, Refreshments available in the Stöcklalm.

The story of the sixth sense


How important these antennas of perception are often only becomes clear when one of them fails. But does the proverbial “sixth sense” really exist? At the Berg der Sinne [Mountain of the Senses] you go in search of this mysterious stranger.

The human senses are also referred to as the "Gateway to the Environment.” consider there to be five of them: The senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. And some say there is yet another sense that is responsible for the paranormal and for premonitions: the sixth sense.


Mario and Sabrina head of with their parents to the Mountain of the Senses in Leogang. The cable car takes you up to Asitz intermediate station. By going there the family can sharpen some of their senses. The magnificent view is a feast for the eyes, the soundscape consists of birdsong and the whistling of the wind and on their skin they feel the air getting a bit chillier with every metre of their ascent up the mountain. But there is one sense they haven’t experienced yet: the sixth sense.


At the top, Mario asks: "Is that it over there - the sixth sense?“- “No, that's the senses experience theme park where we’ll search for it!”, his dad replies "Keep on the sharp, children, maybe you’ll find it. But don’t forget to pay close attention to the ground, so you don’t trip over it! “Because the route through the park also runs into the woods where roots are just waiting to trip you up. The children are captivated by the 25 different stations where they can test their eyes and ears, nose, taste and “intuition”. The two children particularly like listening island. Again and again they got on it, and they always hear something new: the crackling of branches, the noise of a brook and even the tapping of a woodpecker.


Then on to the baking station where you can bake flatbread by hand. First, the grains are ground with stones, then the dough kneaded by hand and finally the delicious smelling bread comes out of the oven.


The children had almost forgotten about the search for the sixth sense. In the tree house, from which there’s a magnificent view, the two ask so where is it? "What do you two wish for from today’s trip?“-“That it would be really great, that we’d have fun together and that we’d learn about the senses.”– "And did your wishes come true?“– “Yes!”, shouted the children. "So you felt a very strong premonition in yourselves, that turned out to be exactly what happened. ”The children think about it for a second. "So that means that the sixth sense lives within us!” And so they happily climb into the cable car and after a busy day on the mountain head down to the valley.