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Tonspuren am Asitz [Soundtracks at Asitz]

Soundtracks at Asitz. An old new tradition.

It's about tracks we leave, and those that we find, pursue, that are lost and then rediscovered. Tracks that are significant, unique and sustainable.

For several years young, talented artists have left such tracks at Asitz. Whenever summer rolls around. From June to August, track hunters are on the right path at Asitz. Four concerts in different musical genres with accompanying workshops inspire locals and holiday guests alike.

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Awaiting you...

  • Evening & Nightlife: As the sun goes down, enjoy the breathtaking scenery, surrounded by the highest peaks of the Limestone Alps and the grass mountains as well as the forested ridges of the area
  • Flying high: At 1870 m above sea level, on one of the largest and most beautiful plateaus in the region, experience the sound of freedom!

Soundtracks on the Mountain

A series of concerts at Asitzbahn in Leogang, that are not commercial, but experimental, full of interpretation, exciting and incomparable are worth hearing and seeing.

If the Lord wills it, you have the opportunity to see these concerts at the reservoir at Asitz five times in the summer. If things aren't looking so good with the weather, that's no problem, because musicians including equipment and the audience are then easily transported into AsitzBräu or into the Old Forge.

Natural spectacle between weather and music 
Unconventionality and spontaneity are always in demand on the mountain, because no one knows, despite constant monitoring of the reports, how the weather will really turn out. But that’s probably precisely where the fascination and excitement lie, that add to making the soundtracks so unique on top of the excellent artists. Because who has ever experienced a concert where the musicians have been shrouded by mystical fog (that wasn’t dry ice)?Or who has ever listened to harmonious sounds during a romantic sunset on the banks of a mountain tarn? And who has ever heard a concert in a cosy mountain restaurant while it was showering outside? After only five years of soundtracks it looks there's nothing that could happen and that's not happened yet in terms of weather. And it is probably just this that the audience loves so much: the unpredictable interaction between nature, music and man.

Away from the mainstream - towards refinement 
But so as to not leave a false picture of the soundtracks, since, after all, the weather is only a minor matter we need to make it clear that it’s ultimately all about the music. For Director Anna Haitzmann from the outset it was in fact important to bring diverse groups and bands to the mountain that don’t have mainstream appeal. And in this they have an continue to show an extremely delicate hand. The Vorarlberg band HMBC for example was at the first Soundtracks-Summer in 2008 at Asitz. Two years later they received high recognition with their hit “Vo Mello bis ge Schoppornou”.

Music by ear
Four years ago another project was launched as part of the soundtracks: the music workshop. For five days, a maximum 35 participants can expand their musical knowledge and skills under the guidance of six instructors. No matter what level you are in - whether vocal or instrumental – you will play music by ear individually and collectively. Sheet music is only given out at the very end before returning home. Those who visit the third Soundtrack Concert at the Asitz, will benefit from getting to know the music workshop participants, as they accompany the audience from the Lower Station to the Intermediate Station to the Mountain Station all the way to the Reservoir with their newly learned pieces. 

In good hands
The audience that comes to the other four dates also gets a “complete package”, because they are musically accompanied from the Alte Schmiede [Old Forge] to the Reservoir. And to keep the inhaled atmosphere alive as long as possible even after the concerts, the Old Forge team will serve alpine soup with home-baked bread before the cable car descent into the valley. So the mountain ascent and descent rides, entrance and soup are all included in the ticket.