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Herbs & plants way

A selection from our herb garden…


A selection from our herb garden…

Stinging nettles

In this region, you can find stinging nettles on any woodland walk.

Uses / herbal remedies: Used in herbal remedies.

Homoeopathic and medicinal plant, foodstuff, stimulant, and used in herbal tea.


Grows predominantly in places where the ground is acidic and has a low calcium content.

Use / herbal remedies: Used in herbal remedies
Homoeopathic and medicinal plant

Arnica is traditionally made into arnica schnapps which is very effective on minor injuries.


Light soil, damp ground

Use / herbal remedies:
Hot tea made from the leaves helps digestion and strengthens the nerves. Inhaling the steam or using a compress of the leaves helps alleviate headaches.

Typical, refreshing fragrance, and lightly burning taste with a cool aftertaste.


Grows on ploughed soil and uncultivated land, normally on fresh, nutrient and clay-rich soil.

Use / herbal remedies: Used in herbal remedies
Homoeopathic and medicinal herb, Used to make herbal tea

Peppermint tea
Pour hot water over freshly collected peppermint leaves and let stand for about 8 minutes.
Then, strain and enjoy while as hot as possible.

Peppermint can be gathered in woodlands in this area.



Herbs can be used very effectively in baths. Alpine plants such as rosemary, thyme, sage, and lavender lend themselves very nicely to being dried and then used to make a relaxing bath.

Simply sprinkle the desired herbs into the hot bathwater, and step in.


Die frisch gesammelten Minzblätter mit heißem Wasser übergießen und ca. 8 Minuten ziehen lassen.
Dann abseihen und möglichst heiß genießen.

Pfefferminze kann hier in den heimischen Wäldern gesammelt werden.


Herb workshop - TEH Herbal creams and tinctures

Venue: Asitz Mittelstation/Stöcklalm
Where: Leogang
Aromatic, nourishing herbs are to be found growing high up here on the pastures. In the course of this herb workshop, you explore a herb garden with a TEH expert and find out all about the effects of our local herbs and plants. After that, it’s your turn! Yarrow, wild thyme, and many other plants can be made into a herbal balsam that can be applied to your face, hands, feet, or used for the airways, or you can make a tincture in schnapps with fresh herbs and roots. A great way of capturing the effects and fragrance of the mountain herbs.

Start: 10.00
Finish: approx. 14.00 Uhr
Meeting point: Asitz Mittelstation/Stöcklalm
Registration: Up to 17:00 the day before in the tourist office in Saalfelden or Leogang, or by telephone on +43 6582 70660

Leogang Autumn “Schnuraln”

Venue: Leogang
Start: Autumn
“Schnuraln” is all about noticing and being curious about the wonders of nature and the enjoyment of home-made delicacies, and you can take part too.
Under the motto “Leogang Autumn Schnuralm”, you get to know a region in a totally new way. This programme is part of the “Salzburg Bauernherbst”, promoting folklore and culture in its original form throughout the province of Salzburg.

The programme contains activities such as cookery workshops, menu walks, soap making workshops, and Alpine walks.

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