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3. Award for energy efficiency

The Leoganger Bergbahnen were recognized as the only cable car company in Austria for their project "Optimization of snowmaking and the use of snow lances" by the initiative climate-active as "energy-efficient company". "We enable our customers movement in nature. Therefore, it is an urgent concern for us to preserve nature and the environment.

For the snowmaking of the entire system with the new slope "Steinbergbahn" the water from the existing reservoir was not sufficient. The water would have had to be pumped up from the valley for snow production. As a measure, therefore, a line was laid out of an additional water catchment towards the middle station. With this melt water, both slopes "Asitzbahn" and "Steinbergbahn" can be snowed without pumps.

Using the static pressure, a reduction in the power requirement can be achieved by 646,000 kWh / year (saving additional pumps) despite the increase in the surface to be cuimed ", says Cornel Grundner.

Plants with snow lances are significantly more energy efficient than propeller machines. While propellers require an electrical power of 24 kW, snowplants for the same amount of snow are 2 kW. The required compressed air is optimally generated in a central system. The throw distance of the lances is enough to snow the slope on the whole width. The annual electricity saving is 310,000 kWh.

Energy saving: 956,000 kWh / year (corresponds to 320 households)
Cost savings: EUR 87,000 / year
CO2 savings: 258 t

TouriSpo Award

TouriSpo selected the most beautiful toboggan runs in the Alps and our LeoKlang summer toboggan run was one of them!

Our “Leo Klang” summer toboggan run, at 1800 m above sea level, won the TouriSpo award.

Things to do in summer in Saalfelden Leogang

At the awards ceremony of the International Summer Awards 2012 in Ahrntal in South Tyrol, the Leogang lift company and the region Saalfelden Leogang won several awards for the range of activities on offer last summer.

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The climate: the Leogang lift company wins an award

This year will be the fourth year that the Ministry of Life initiative for the conservation of the environment, “klima:aktiv” has invited businesses to present what measures they are taking when it comes to efficient energy use, under the framework of the programme “energy efficient businesses”. Any industrial or other business in the whole of Austria which had put measures into place between January 2009 and September 2011 to improve energy efficiency was eligible to apply.

In mid-December, the Leopoldsmuseum in Vienna hosted the ceremony in which the Leogang lift company was awarded the environmental prize for innovative energy saving measures.

This was on the strength of their project using the heat given off by the lift machinery for heating adjoining rooms and businesses.

The buildings around the midstation of the Asitz gondola lift, the Stöcklalm, and the garage for the piste bashers are all heated by the heat emitted from the lift motors, enabling an energy saving of 244,300 kwh annually.

The leader of the project, Christian Oberlader, together with the energy advisory service Sattler, has been able to implement various measures over recent years to save energy. The Leogang lift company is especially proud to have been given this award, as it is very important in future that whilst providing top quality both in winter and summer, the environment is taken into consideration.