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WMRA World Cup - IAAF Permit
7th Asitz Mountain Peak Run and 4th MTB Hillclimb on September 6th, 2015

Start at the secondary school in Leogang at 10.00 a.m.

This event enjoys a high reputation internationally, due to the fact, that it's the only mountain run in Austria with WMRA (World Mountain Running Association) and IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) status.

Also the Mountainbike Hillclimb will be held for the 4th time now. 1126 meters altitude difference and a distance of 12 km have to be conquered by the participants.


Phone:  +43 6583/ 7610
Web:  or

Call for entries


Results - Mountain Running World Cup (4th race) - 7. ASITZGIPFELBERGLAUF

Ergebnisse - Mountain Running - WORLD CUP 2015 - 16th edition - RESULTS AFTER 4th RACE

Facts & Figures

Mountain run
approx. 8 km long – 1,126 altitude difference– maximum of 32% increase

approx. 12 km long – 1,126 altitude difference – maximum of 16% increase

Registration fee
Until August 31st, 2015 12.00 am - 20,00 Euros
Late registration is 30,00 Euros

Number distribution
Location: At the auditorium of the secondary school in Leogang
Saturday September 5th, 2015 from 05.00 – 07.00 p.m.
Sunday September 6th, 2015 from 07.00 – 09.00 a.m.

At the secondary school in Leogang
09.00 a.m. for masters classes 70
10.00 a.m. for general classes

Großer Asitz in 1914 m

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Running Course


8 km / 1,126 meters
A mountain run and hill climb that demands everything on the athletes with its unique route and ultra heavy increases up to 32%.
For the mountain runners it is already the 7th run on the Großen Asitz. 8 kilometers, more than 1100 meter altitude difference and a maximum of 32% increase is a real hard challenge for everyone.


Bike Trail

The mountain bikers also awaits a challenging route: 12 kilometers long, more than 1100 meter in altitude difference and up to 16% steep. For the mountain bikers a helmet is obligatory!

The Mountainbike Hillclimb is also part of the PINZGAU TROPHY 2015.


Fairness in Sports

Medical checks will be carried out on athletes selected at random during the Asitz-peak mountain run in accordance with the valid Austrian anti-doping committee regulations. The location of the doping checks will be announced by the organiser. Failure to present for checks or a refusal to undergo testing will be treated in the same way as a positive test result, i.e. the participant will not be included in the valuation. For more anti-doping information: .


The Organising Committee accepts no liability for accidents of any kind! All athletes participate in the race at their own risk and automatically accept the conditions of participation on payment of the entry fee.

The WMRA World Cup race will be organized according to the WC Rules 2015.
The race will be held according to the current ÖLV (Austrian Athletic Assoc.) regulations. Leaving the marked route is prohibited and will result in disqualification.
The event will take place in all weather conditions. The race may be subject to time delays or route changes.



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Asitzgipfelberglauf: Afrikanischer Dreifach-Sieg im Schnee

Bei der 7. Auflage des Asitzgipfelberglaufs waren drei afrikanische Berglauf-Stars auch durch den Schneefall nicht zu stoppen: In einem spannenden Zi...

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7. Asitzgipfelberglauf Saalfelden Leogang: Rekordjagd auf den Großen Asitz

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WMRA World Cup - IAAF Permit 6. Asitzgipfelberglauf 2014 & 3. MTB Hillclimb

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Veranstalltungsdatum des 4. Asitzberlaufs 2012:  Sonntag, 23. September 2012; Thema: Wer ist schneller, Bergläufer oder Mountainbiker? Keine lei...

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3. Asitzberglauf 2011

Streckenlänge 8 km/ 1.126 Höhenmeter Ein Berglauf und Hillclimb der den Athleten alles abverlangen wird, einzigartig in seiner Streckenführung, ultra...

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2. Asitzberglauf 2010

Als Berg der Tiroler stellte sich am Sonntag dem 6. Juni der 2. Asitzgipfel Berglauf dar. Bei Kaiserwetter stellten sich über 200 Starter der Herausfo...

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