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The little concert

For quite a long time, chamber music was quite a rarity in Saalfelden. To close this gap in the cultural scene, the “Singkreis Saalfelden” – one of the local choirs - launched a concert series called “The Little Concert” (Das kleine Konzert) in 1980.

Since then, and especially during the summer months, 5 to 7 chamber music evenings a year have been taking place in the intimacy of Schloss Ritzen (a former castle now being used as a museum). So apart from already well-known, successful Austrian and foreign ensembles also regional newcomers may, at times, have the chance of being introduced to the public.

It is by means of subsidies granted by the town of Saalfelden and by the cultural department of the Land of Salzburg that this cultural undertaking has been kept alive so far. Nonetheless, financing the event series means a steady risk to its organizer, the “Singkreis Saalfelden”. So also seen from this angle, the “Kleines Konzert” is a real cultural service offered by the choir to both regional inhabitants and their visitors. 


The Little Concert: Ensemble "I Salonieri"

I Salonieri

The ensemble "I Salonieri" please with pittoresque and entertaining pieces of music which are a mirror of different cultures and life situations - born out of sheer joy of music.
The concert in the...

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