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Exhibition series „Take a look at my story“

Only the “#LUX” light reveals the story behind the face. With this challenge the photographer Tino Pohlmann went on a discovery tour through the Salzburger Land. The result are 60 portraits of locals, as “ars memoriae” which suprises visitors with its combination of tradition and modernity. Saalfelden Leogang initiated the exhibition, which opened on 05 th March 2014 in Berlin. Afterwards there will be a tour to Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Saalfelden Leogang.

Behind the stage of a holiday region, the world sometimes is different than the tourist expects. Tino Pohlmann´s pictures are not about idyllic postcards which you mail home to your relatives. In Pohlmann´s photos the locals invite the guests to interpret their stories. It is unusual for a region to present itself this open to the public. Behind the beautiful glow which is created for the tourists, the cliché pictures of coziness, serenity and nature, the pictures also show the work, history and private life behind the scenes.

The photographer of the big Tour-de-France-collection „CAPTURED“ (published by Seltmann + Söhne) and portraitist of stars like Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) and Alice Cooper does not consider the popularity of his “models” as important, “No matter if there is a celebrity or just someone like you and me in front of my camera´s lense, like here in Saalfelden Leogang – it is all about finding out more about the story behind the face, when I press the trigger.”


Further „MFORMA#LUX“ exhibitions: Saalfelden Leogang (October). Details will be announced shortly


Pohlmann, born in 1976, used to do classical photography, but also does advertorial work. In the end of 2013 / beginning 2014 he had a very intense experience in the, by winter sports enthusiasts and bike fans equally well-known holiday region in the Pinzgau (Salzburger Land):

“I didn’t just come by, take my photos and leave. Rather, I tried to get really engaged with the people. Sometimes we had very deep conversations – this is ultimately the point where it starts to become interesting.

curriculum vitae


1976 born in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
2005 study of design, main studies in photography and film at HTW-Berlin, Germany
2006 work in own studio in Berlin - Studio K3,

2008 free lecturer in photography at European School of Design, Frankfurt / Main, Germany

2002 - un ommagio all italia - gallery Engler And Piper, Berlin
2003 - berlin ist keine stadt - groupexhibition, gallery of Humbold University, Berlin
2003 - banal-real reality - groupexhibition at BWA gallery Wrozlaw, Poland
2006 - rotation/contraction/inspiration - VW Automobil Forum Berlin
2008 - cicli berlinetta - ill galleries berlin
2008 - exhibition with the painter and sculptor Georg Weise, gallery Sophien Edition, Berlin
2010 - photo Zürich - group exhibition at Maag Hall, Zürich Switzerland

2010  Champions meet Talents Award silver, group exhibition with Michel Comte, Zürich, Switzerland


Franz Kienesberger: 85-year-old yoga instructor from Saalfelden

One of the oldest inhabitants, Tino Pohlmann captured for this art project, is Franz Kienesberger. The 85-year-old yoga instructor from Saalfelden loves his region. Against all alpine clichés he eats vegetarian and lives very spiritual.

I like the hermit in the mountains and long walks on the Ritzensee. I teach yoga now for 40 years in Saalfelden. By the way, I am married to my wife for more than 60 years."

Stefan Gimpl snowboard professional

We have all the natural beauty right outside the front door - which for me is the paradise"

confirmed Stefan Gimpl. The native Leogang won a bronze medal in the snowboard world championships in 2009. This sport led him around the world, but let him return to his home again.

The stone mountains in Leogang form a beautiful mountain range. I am thrilled again and again. "

Helga Hammerschmied-Rathgeb: mayoress leogang

For Helga Hammerschmied-Rathgeb this art project was initially not very exiting

For me as mayor it has become a routine to be photographed. I had a seat in the Salzburg Parliament of Salzburg. But to be part of an exhibition - is for me of course still unusual. I'm curious about the outcome. "


MFORMA#LUX: Exhibition Munich

MFORMA#LUX: Exhibition Vienna

MFORMA#LUX: Exhibition Hamburg

MFORMA#LUX: Exhibition Berlin

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