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"Gruppe-B-Rallyelegenden-Treffen" 2014

10th to 12th of July 2014

This year first the event "Gruppe – B Rallyelegenden – Treffen" is taking place in Saalfelden Leogang as well as in the borderland Tyrol (`Hochfilzen´) and in the immediate vicinity (`Weißbach, Maria Alm´).

"This event is for historic rallye cars."

The race course take place on colsed and target roads without specified time limits. The event does not apply for the attainment of the maximum speed and the best times but rather for the discretion of the participating driver.

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Total kilometers of the route: 260 km

Way at the closed routes: circa 90 km
The quality of the route is 99,8% asphalt.

General information

All participating vehicles must be listed during the whole event for the use of public roads and have to correspond in all points of the Traffic Code!

Only a number of 80 vehicles are allowed!


The last registration until Sunday, 15.06.2014

The entry fee and the advertisement of the organizer costs € 320,- per vehicle and be transferred on the following bank establishment:

Bank: Oberbank Salzburg/Taxham
Depositor: IGM Gr.B Rallyelegenden Österreich
Purpose: PARTICIPANT, VEHICLE, Entry fee for Group B Rallyelegenden Saalfelden
IBAN: AT691509000101028090

The entry would be refunded in full as far as the event not taking place!


  • only in the allowed time there you can inspect the route
  • you will be checked of various functionaries, the police and the communities
  • radar control!
  • generally the austrian Traffic Code applies
  • no competition vehicles may be used
  • for the marking the vehicles get a yellow sticker with their number

The team will inadmissible, if the requirements are not complied!

Service park

Covered service park:

Shopping Centre in Saalfelden
Leogangerstr. 18
5760 Saalfelden

Obligations at the Servicepark:

  • Every team get their own parking spaces for the paticipant, for their service team and for the service bus
    (Height 6m x 8m)
  • Driveway only for markde vehicles
  • Unterlage: Plane im Ausmaß von 5 x 2 m auf den jeweiligen Serviceplätzen
  • Substratum: a awning (5m x 2m) at the particular service spaces
  • It is strictly prohibited to refuel at the parking ramp!
  • You can tank up opposite the "Eni-petrol station"!
  • It is not allowed to bring on some bolts and brads underfoot!
  • Each team shall be liable for damages of any kind!
  • The service-place have to delivered properly to the organizer
  • It is prohibited to do welding jobs, to grill or cook something or to heat in the parkade!
  • The parking ramp is plugged with a telemonitoring from the fire brigade and the police!
  • There is a ain, more central parking place for hangers!