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Crème Proleau1

Crème Proleau: Short Cuts - Jazzfestival 2013

, 21:30


Lorenz Raab - trumpet, electronics
Philipp Nykrin - keys, bass
Herbert Pirker - drums, toys

Knowing full well that motionless intellectual enjoyment would be a total mismatch for beat-driven...

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Plutino: Short Cuts - Jazzfestival 2013

, 23:00

Italy, USA

Bobby Previte- drums

Beppe Scardino - baritone sax
Francesco Diodati – electric guitar

This highly interesting trio consists of two Italians and one American. Drummer Bobby...

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Tony Malaby / Tom Rainey1

Tony Malaby / Tom Rainey: Short Cuts - Jazzfestival 2013

, 12:30


Tony Malaby – saxophone
Tom Rainey - drums

Malaby and Rainey have known each other for more than twenty years. They've played in various formations, in particular in pianist Angelica Sanchez's...

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Keiji Haino / Franz Hautzinger1

Keiji Haino / Franz Hautzinger: Short Cuts - Jazzfestival 2013

, 14:00

Austria, Japan

Keiji Haino – electric guitar, electronics
Franz Hautzinger – quartertone trumpet, electronics

What Hautzinger is conjuring up here for his debut is a brilliant arrangement of...

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Rupp/Müller/Fischerlehner: Short Cuts - Jazzfestival 2013

, 12:30


Olaf Rupp - guitar

Matthias Müller - trombone

Rudi Fischerlehner - drums, percussion

Music is created in the moment. You really hear it when you listen to these three musicians. When they...

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Han Bennink / Uri Caine1

Han Bennink / Uri Caine: Short Cuts - Jazzfestival 2013

, 14:00

„Sonic Boom“
Holland, USA

Han Bennink – drums
Uri Caine - piano

When Dutch rhythm legend Han Bennink and the brilliantly chaotic American pianist Uri Caine extemporize, you get to hear a marvelously...

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