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The Alpine Winter

Over 270 kilometres of slopes and 70 state of the art cable cars and lifts guarantee comfort, space and versatility in the winter in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn. From gentle slopes to wide carving runs to the black World Cup downhill, from top-shaped Funparks to pristine freeriding to the mogul run.

Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn

...scores with guaranteed snow and a new state of the art lifts Wetterkreuzbahn and Wetterkreuz reservoir for more comfort Investment in innovation: R...

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Livecam / Weather

Here you can obtain detailed information about the weather and the cable cars.

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Ski and snowboard schools

Experience fun on the slopes with a professional ski guide or discover your fighting spirit in a ski race.

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Ski and snowboard equipment

Here you will find shops & rentals in Saalfelden and Leogang, which will be happy to advise you in choosing the optimal ski & snowboard equipment.

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Familienberg Hinterreit [Family Mountain]

Perfectly groomed slopes with two modern T-bar lifts guarantee skiing fun for the whole family. For all beginners young and old, there is a one-person...

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Comfort, space and versatility - there’s a skiing adventure for everyone here

Guests particularly appreciate the vastness of the ski area and the excellently prepared, wide slopes. Whether you are a cool snowboarder, a little snow bunny, a freerider with expert tricks up your sleeve or an athletic carver - we have the ideal terrain. Floodlit slopes and funpark and rapid tubing, and cheerful tobogganing on illuminated toboggan runs to turn night into day for the tireless.

Visionary pioneers change the world - The history of the Leogang Bergbahnen [Cable Cars]

"There were already extremely enthusiastic men working on it when the first ski lift was opened on Asitz in 1971. Full of hope, the whole municipality welcomed the long awaited boom meant to boost winter tourism. But Mother Nature was not kind in the first season - the snow practically failed to show, hence the target quotas could not be met. Full of energy, despite barely-confirmed financial backing, the second section began to be opened, since it was necessary to transport skiers up to the higher areas in order to guarantee snow. With their inspiring words, Mayor Albert Steidl, the CEO of the Leogang Bergbahnen Sebastian Madreiter (later Mayor) were able to convince locals, politicians and banks of the great economic and tourism opportunities for Leogang - the developing infrastructure from Asitzkogel all the way to connecting with the Glemmtal." Innkeeper Hans and his regular guest host Horst sit on the terrace and philosophize about the old days. Yes, in the beginning it was hard, but it got the whole area to pull together, allowing us to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Reaching the unreachable with enthusiasm

Leogang had always been a miners' village and the financial incomes the community could rely on were not many, until summer visitors started to join the local community in the summertime. In 1970 it was decided that the mining caves were not profitable any longer and they were shut down. The end of the mining boom resulted in the extinction of the main economic activity that had supported the village till then. The call for investment in tourism for the winter became increasingly loud. Examples from the surrounding municipalities that had experienced real economic upswings with their fantastic ski resorts were cited ever more frequently. Many possibilities were discussed in the municipality and so the desire for construction of a cable car became increasingly concrete. The local conditions were perfect. This was confirmed by Prof. Fred Rosner, one of the world's leading experts in the assessment of ski runs. But: there was a lack of money. Happily, euphoria and confidence among the locals was so great that they invested their savings in the new Bergbahn - and so from the dream of a Bergbahn a real Bergbahn was born.

Carry on - do not be intimidated

On 5 March 1971, the Leogang Cable Car Company was founded and in the same summer, the double chairlift Asitz I was built. The snow in the first winter, however, as Horst already recounted, was extremely scant. But led by Mayor Albert Steidl and CEO Sebastian Madreiter, the people of Leogang did not allow this situation to grind their continued work to a halt. On the contrary, it actually motivated us to immediately develop the Asitz ski resort in full.

But: of course the money was still lacking. The extension would only have been planned years down the road, when revenue with the first lift would have been made. They needed collateral to get a long-term loan. Dr Albert Steidl and Sebastian Madreiter promoted compelling arguments and in the end there found twelve guarantors, who enabled the immediate successful construction process. And so in the summer of 1972 the Asitz II double chairlift and two T-bar lifts in the Asitz basin were built.

In the next two years, the number of overnight stays doubled and the dynamic and innovative development of the Leogang Bergbahn GmbH took its course: More lifts were added, slopes were widened, Bigger parking lots were created, snow-making facilities were installed and eventually those old lifts no longer meeting new standards and were therefore replaced.

"Today, we are proud of our pioneering spirit. We created a solid foundation for our children and grandchildren. Guests come here because they enjoy the beautiful nature, being part of the living tradition and the increased comfort in the excellent hotels and of course the cable cars and lifts. Hard work turned a mining village into a renowned tourist resort whose offer is enriched every with yet another innovative facility.  Numerous tourism awards confirm our tireless and unerring spirit for the new, the beautiful and the extraordinary.”“

Hans allows himself a moment of satisfaction, but he also knows exactly how much work they put in in order to achieve this standard. Thanks to community’s diligence, they can point to impressive figures today: the Leogang Bergbahnen recorded more than four million trips with nine lifts in the winter and approximately 210,000 trips in the summer. Around 713,000 overnight stays are counted annually in the region Saalfelden Leogang; about 492,000 of them in Leogang, and successful cooperation agreements have been signed, which not only attract more customers, but also positively tops up the Saalfelden Leogang brand.

“Long live skiing!” - The beginnings of skiing

Test your skiing.

What would a winter holiday in Saalfelden Leogang be without the fun of skiing? Whether you are an absolute beginner on skis or already quite advanced, a ski class serves in developing your skiing skills and will be an unforgettable experience!

The official founding of a professional ski school in Saalfelden Leogang goes back to 1952, in which the gifted skier Sepp Altenberger summoned his courage and created the first ski school in the region. The impressive photos demonstrate how great the enthusiasm for alpine skiing was back then. If you wanted to sit snug in the gondola or chairlift or be comfortably transported up to the summit, you were in the wrong time and place. It took enormous physical strength and exceptional conditioning to learn the fine art of skiing. For the talented, after a short adjustment period, it was quickly to keep their balance on their skis and race down the hill with a still quite shaky "snowplow.” This fun, however, was short-lived, before you had to trudge up the mountain once again.  True to the motto:  “Aufi bretteln und owi wedeln.” [Get your skis to the top to race to the bottom]“

Thanks to the instructors’ sociable nature, a great deal of joking about and an infectious silliness was the order of the day, making the physical effort at least a bit easier. The construction of a 300-metre-long lift increased the motivation and enthusiasm for skiing considerably. Of course, the special equipment was by no means fully developed, which contributed to the serious difficulty in learning, but with hard work and the right motivation every so often new masters were born. 


Over time, tourists came from around the world, alongside world-famous stars, for the pleasure of learning to ski in Saalfelden Leogang. A great deal has changed compared to then. Thanks to the construction of modern lifts the sublime pleasures of winter are now limitless. Hop on the chairlift or pop into the gondola and in no time you are high above the world below. And thanks to the technical innovations, taking a ski course is no longer an ordeal and can be enjoyed to the fullest. Even the youngest children can learn how it feels to ski down the mountain on skis with lots of fun and games. In the Kinderland boys and girls are taken by magic carpet up to a hill and in the Villa Kunterbunt the little ones can experience one or two off-piste adventures. And after just a short time the children can experience the unique feeling of having conquered the mountain, and won’t be able to get enough of it. So there is definitely a danger of becoming addicted to it. If you want to take a jump back into the past, you should definitely get to Leogang between 13.1.2014 and 15.1.2014 to witness the origins of skiing first hand. On this weekend, the nostalgia Ski Championships will take place, at which you are all welcome to discover the former rigours of alpine skiing for yourself.


Everyone who has a valid Skicircus Liftticket can use the Climbing Hall Saalfelden and the Instruction Course Program at reduced prices (-20%).*

*except Ski Alpin-, Salzburger Super Ski- & Kitzbüheler Alpen All Star Card.
No multiple discounts permitted.

Respect your limits


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Climbing Gyms in Saalfelden

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