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Ski jumping

Ski jumping for everyone in Saalfelden Leogang

Is ski jumping just a spectator sport? Quite the contrary!
In Saalfelden, you can learn the sport of ski jumping both in summer and in winter. Four jumps in the winter and three in the summer are available for all daring souls! There is a 15m, a 30m, a 60m and a 85m high jump (85m only in winter).

Children start with the jump sport at 6 to 10 years of age. They start on the 15m jump and then advance to the higher jumps depending on skill level.

In small steps, the basics of ski jumping are explained and performed within a 2-day course. Both the imitation training in preparation for jumping and getting used to the mats that are used for the summer ski jumping, are an important part of the preliminary exercise. Only when the basics are learned, are the first jumps performed and you can experience the feeling of a ski jumper sailing through the air.

Included in the ski jumping courses are expert supervision during the course, complete ski equipment, photo or video material (DVD) and the jump fees. Further information can be found at the website

In the immediate vicinity of the ski jump site is the Vitalhotel Saliterhof which provides for wonderful food and refreshments during the course.

Impressionen der "kleinen" Skispringer

Impressions of the “little” ski jumper


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