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Fun & Snow Park Saalfelden

Have fun learning cross-country skiing at the Fun Snow Park in Saalfelden Leogang.

Recently, a Fun Snow Park at the Langlaufzentrum Ritzensee [Lake Ritzensee Cross-Country Ski Centre] awaits all cross-country ski enthusiasts. It was set up by the Nordischen Skimittelschule Saalfelden for the 1st World Snow Day that took place on 18 January 2013. On that day, more than 300 children tested out the Fun Park and were thrilled by its many different obstacles.

Due to their physiological development, children can’t handle large trails just yet. Therefore, smaller rounds with various obstacles such as hills, easy runs, jumps or small curves and deep snow are much more suitable for teaching children how to cross-country ski in a fun way.

The Fun Snow Park is the ideal terrain for this: with its elements such as wave trails, small jumps and banked corners, dexterity and skill can be practiced with fun and games.

The park is managed by the trail operators from the municipality of Saalfelden and by Nordic Skimittelschule and will be a fixture in the  Nordischen Sektor of Saalfelden every winter from now on. This will be actively used in the future, especially for training and various races. The Landescup for cross-country skiers, the student state championships as well as the entry-level biathlon competition with a total of 400 participants were held here this year.


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