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Want to experience the wild waves - action, fun and thrills? Head down the rapids and the breakers, and go wave for wave. Enjoy that rush of wild water. Experience for yourself and your team in a fascinating nature adventure - that is the super raft feeling for everyone.

  • Season: regulated by law, from 1 June to 15 September
  • Participation requirements: Good swimmer, good physical condition
  • Equipment: Equipment is ordered by the event manager: wetsuits, paddle jackets,
  • neoprene socks, helmet and lifejacket
  • Please bring: Towel and swimwear.

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Program 1

Rafting - Saalach Classic 3 - "Sporty"

The classic amongst the wild water tours. Ideal for those who have never been in a raft before and who want to have first-hand experience of action in a raft.
Rafting is great fun, if not sometimes a little dangerous, and for that reason the guide sits in the boat and delegates and directs. Forwards, everyone to the right, everyone to the back - the boat soon starts to obey the power of its masters.
This tour is ideal for teams, groups and company outings. It's a lot of fun with a relatively low risk level.

  • Duration: ca. 3.5 hours
  • Difficulty: II - III
  • Length: approx. 10 km
  • Participation criteria: good swimmer
  • Age: from 12 years
  • Dates: Daily except Monday, from May – October, 9:30 am and 1:30 pm or by prior agreement
  • Services: Instruction and swimming training, special equipment, tasty snacks during the tour, changing rooms and showers.


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Program 2

Rafting - Saalach Family 2

Everyone wants to have a go. The children, grandma and granddad, and all your friends can join in too. Great fun for the whole family. Lots of splashing and paddling and maybe dad will land in the water!
A playful way to enjoy yourself, where everyone has a good time. Of course it's not great sporting action, but we make a good stab at it. We want everyone back in one piece.
Have you ever wondered what to do when granddad celebrates his 70th birthday or if the children want to have a party? That would be something completely different! And you don't have to get too wet!!
The guide will do all he can to fulfil your wishes- you'll be surprised; rafting doesn't always have to be wild.

  • Duration: approx.3 hours
  • Participation criteria: swimming skills and health, no physical or mental impairments, children only when accompanied by their parents
  • Age: from 5 years (under appropriate water conditions)_
  • Dates: daily except Monday, June to September Phone +43 6588 7524 (best in midsummer)
  • Services: Qualified, experienced guide. instruction and swimming test, specialised equipment, local travel, shower at the Motion Base.


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Program 3

Pirate raft - the pirates are coming

...And have buried so much treasure. Then they were blown to all corners of the earth - hopefully to return one day and look for their treasure.
As fate would have it, they have never made it back. The captain kept the treasure safe for many years and when he died he passed it on to his only daughter Esmerelda.

Now she is here on the riverbank and can see the island from here. But she can't get there on her own and she certainly wouldn't be able to lift up the treasure chest. Wouldn't you like to be here and help her looking through all those glittery diamonds in the treasure chest...?
Rafting - Pirate Raft

  • Duration: ca. 3 hours including preparation
  • Requirements: Should be able to swim (everyone receives a swimming vest and helmet) and children should be prepared to join in with the others. We will be going down an easy stretch of the Saalach River with an experienced guide!
  • Age: from 5 to 11 years
  • Dates: On demand, mainly Tuesday or Wednesday. Tel. +43 6588 7524.
  • Special Children's programme: Leave your children with us. While you are rafting, we will look after your little ones. If they are big enough, they can go in the pirate boat. The smaller children can play in our mini zoo with the horses, cats, rabbits and our dog. They can even take a ride around on the horse!
  • Services included: Supervision of your children by an experienced guide. Training, special equipment, shower in the Motion base, small BBQ and local travel.


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Program 4

Rafting - Saalach World Cup Course 4

There are hardly any other stretches of water in Austria which are as hard to ride as this. You must follow the guide’s instructions to the letter and power on full steam ahead.

You can only ride this section if you first take the standard course to prepare and train you for the demanding world cup course.

After special swimming and rolling training, the guide will decide if all participants are capable of riding the whole course. Safety is absolute rule number one on this course!

  • Duration: ca. 4 1/2 hours
  • Requirements: Very good swimming ability and health. No physical or mental problems. General fitness.
  • Age: From 18 yrs.
  • Dates: June to September on demand. Tel. +43 6588 7524.
  • Services: Qualified, experienced guide, training and swimming practice, specialised equipment and shower at the Motion base.


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