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Dragon Boat

Location: Ritzensee Saalfelden

  • A dragon boat means fun for everyone in the boat and even for those just watching
  • Team spirit from 21 team member: 20 paddlers and 1 drummer
  • “We’re all in the same boat!"
  • A collective experience with no prior experience needed
  • Almost no explanations necessary: anyone can simply jump in
  • A bit of athletic outdoor activity with having to be an athlete
  • The number of participants is very flexible and the number of teams can be set on the spot on the event date.
  • Completely watertight, everyone gets wet anyway, so rain can’t spoil your fun

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Programme Overview

Rhythm, motivation, team spirit, outdoors experience on the water... just a few keywords that are associated with the dragon boat. A team experience that requires no previous knowledge. For 16 to 22 men per boat, including drummer and coxswain (captain). And above all, weather-independent, since everyone gets wet anyway!

The History of the Dragon Boat

A competition originally with Chinese long boats

Up to 20 paddlers rowing in time to the drum in the water. They try to run the regatta course faster than the opposing team using strength and harmony. “We’re all in the same boat!”: in a dragon boat competition this cliché fits not only visually – but also symbolically: the perfect harmony of the team and their concerted power of up to 20 paddle strokes are decisive factors here.

The history of the Dragon Boat...

...... is very strongly influenced by myths. Dragon Boat racing are thought to have been part of the Chinese Duanwu Festival as far back as 500 BC. In the 70s, the Dragon Boat tradition was' rediscovered' in Hong Kong and became a big-draw and an international competitive sport that is now practiced in over 70 countries around the world.

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