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Hiking guide

Your personal guide for individual mountain and hiking tours

Mountain hiking guides

As a mountain guides we take you on easy to challenging hiking tours and take care of everything so you can to enjoy your excursion into nature to the fullest. To make sure that the hike can be made stress-free and tailored to your desires, we assume all the respective organizational tasks.

We are skilled consultants in all questions related to safety, equipment and trip planning.

With regular first aid training, we are also prepared for emergencies on the mountain. Furthermore, as Salzburg mountain guides we know the local conditions and gather information about weather and trail conditions.

A tour taken with a trained mountain guide makes your mountain hike a unique experience. One of our hiking guides would be delighted to take the time to bring you closer to nature, as only a local expert can.

Let us guide you to places where rare plants or the spectacular wildlife of the Alps can be optimally observed.

Make your hike a nature experience with the Salzburg mountain guides.

Mountain guide contacts

Certified mountain and ski guides

Mountain and ski guides are professionals in all areas. Whether hut or snowshoe hiking, climbing tours or sport climbing training, via Ferrata, mountain or Alpine tours, glacier hikes or ice climbing at frozen waterfalls, ski tours or freeriding runs. They are expert guides in all forms of alpine terrain and allow guests to achieve the desired success and nature experience.

The authorized and certified Austrian mountain and ski guides have covered all the above tasks and areas for many years. They take care in planning the upcoming tour with the right equipment, clarifying the state of the trails, getting info from the hut operators and informing themselves on the current weather conditions in the area.

During the tour they show guests the beauty of nature and thereby make easy and challenging tours for beginners and experts alike into an unforgettable nature experience.

Your state-certified mountain and ski guide offers you the utmost in quality and safety, so that the risk with the individual tours is reduced to a minimum.

Ingolf Hammerschmied

State-certified mountain and ski guides / Lenzing 125, A-5760 Saalfelden / Mobile: 0043-664-91-82-404 / Email:

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Markus Mayrhofer

State certified mountain and ski guides / Sinning 56, A-5771 Leogang / Mobile: 0043-664-84-74-260 / Email:

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Wagenbichler Klaus, Mountain-and ski guide

Pabing 121, 5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer / Tel: 0043-6582-70542 /

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Mag. Franz Deisenberger

State-certified mountain and ski guide / Sinning 50, 5771 Leogang, Salzburg / Tel: 0043-6583-7200 oder 7100 / Fax: 0043-6583-7114 / Email:

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Thomas Mayr

Mountain Guide / Bachwinkel 13, 5760 Saalfelden / Mobile: 0043-664-1541545 /

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Georg Oberlechner

Staatlich geprüfter Berg- und Schifüher / Leogang 56/1, 5771 Leogang / Mobile: 0043-664-4852654 /

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