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Golf handicap for dogs

New & Unique: Golf handicap for dogs at the Brandlhof Golf Club

The Brandlhof golf handicap for dogs is the only one of its kind in the world and was developed at the Gut Brandlhof Golf Club in Saalfelden in Salzburg. It is offered there exclusively at the start of the 2013 golf season, beginning mid-April. From then on, all dogs with golf handicaps may be taken along on a round of golf on the 18-hole Gut Brandlhof championship course.

"To be allowed on the golf course, dogs need to show their golf handicap just like ladies and gentlemen do. To ensure the harmonious coexistence of golfers with dogs and golfers without dogs, we have developed the “Golf Handicap for Dogs” and as a basis that dogs may be taken onto the 18-hole Championship Course", explains Alexander Strobl, together with his wife Birgit Maier, owner of the Brandlhof Hotel and Golf Club. Dogs at the hotel and the golf course are very welcome companions for our guests. This is a tradition here at Brandlhof that is underscored by our golf handicap for dogs," said Maier and Strobl who themselves enjoy taking their Golden Retriever along regularly for a round of golf.

Whereas golfers specifically need to prove their golfing skills and knowledge of the rules of golf for their handicap, the essential criteria for the dog handicap are in the area of specific etiquette. Yet another advantage the dog handicap is that provided their masters are playing an 18-hole round at Gut Brandlhof, the dogs play for free.

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The details of the golf handicap for dogs at the Gut Brandlho

Twelve paragraphs are the basis for the Brandlhof golf handicap for dogs. Compliance with these is an absolute prerequisite for being allowed to bring dogs along on a round of golf. Upon failure to do so the Brandlhof Golf Club reserves the right to withdraw the handicap from the dog(s) and thus excluding them from participating in rounds of golf.

§ 1: Registration of the dog when making the tee time reservation.

§ 2: Disciplined behaviour of the dog (such as quiet, patient waiting and disciplined staying on a leash) is a prerequisite. This should be practiced before the first round of golf together.

§ 3: Has the dog ever been faced with the rigours of a four-hour round of golf before? It is worth training him/her in handling this stress.

§ 4: Bear in mind the sun and shade situation on the golf course for the dog.

§ 5: Doggy bags are an indispensable piece of equipment and the reliable removal of the "dog traces" by the guests is absolutely obligatory.

§ 6: Dogs on the golf course must always and only be kept on a leash. The leash must be attachable to the golf bag such they can't get loose but also so that the dog cannot known down the bag.

§ 7: Dogs must be used to waiting quietly and patiently and not be upset by unexpected sounds and movements.

§ 8: The golf bag along with dog leashed to it needs to be placed near enough to the drive area the golf clubs with an adequate safety margin and far away from the flight path of golf balls.

§ 9: If the dog has picked up the tracks of one of its own kind, he/she should be given the opportunity to occasionally pursue these tracks at appropriate times.

§ 10: Drinking & bathing are very important for dogs. Between the fairways 2 and 3 there is the opportunity for doggie refreshment. At fairway 5 there is a fantastic fountain behind the white tee (or "dogleg"!) In all other areas of the golf course you must bring enough water for the dog.

§ 11: Please note: The water level of the Saalach river along the Brandlhof golf course is higher due to the strong current and is unsuitable for a dog bath.

§ 12: After a round of golf the dog deserves a fitting reward! For dogs, being on the golf course means hours of high attentiveness and great obedience, without being allowed to play or sleep.

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