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An Eventful Vacation for Kids

Villa Kunterbunt

Day care program

Together with cable car operator Leoganger Bergbahnen, the ski and snowboard schools run a ski kindergarten and day care program to cover the needs of visiting guests.

Trained caregivers look after kids ages 2 to 6 for either several hours at a time or all day long at Villa Kunterbunt and in the areas around the Asitzbahn valley station in Leogang. No ski gear is required. Instead, the kids go sledding, make snowmen, paint, do crafts, and play fun games. The region’s ski and snowboard schools offer children’s courses for kids ages 4 and up.


09.30 - 12.00 Uhr € 25,-
12.00 - 13.30 Uhr € 10,-
13.30 - 16.00 Uhr € 25,-

Leo’s Kinderland (Asitzbahn Sports Arena)

A practice area that makes kids’ hearts beat higher, even the littlest ones!

With the guidance of local ski schools, the youngest skiers can make their first turns in the snow. Four “magic carpet” conveyor belts, a kid’s carousel, snow igloos, a play castle, and much more provide nonstop variety. The main thing is to have fun and experience the winter wonderland. Leo’s Kinderland covers about 1.5 hectares of space and is equipped with a snowmaking system to guarantee wintertime fun into the spring.

Familienberg Hinterreit

Das ideale Familienskigebiet zwischen Saalfelden und Maria Alm

Bestens präparierte Pisten mit 2 modernen Schleppliftanlagen garantieren Skispass für die ganze Familie. Für alle kleinen und großen Anfänger gibt es einen eigenen Übungslift.

Das kleine, aber feine Skigebiet punktet vor allem durch persönliche Betreuung und Kompetenz. Dies schätzen nicht nur Einheimische und Gäste, sondern auch die Sportlerinnen und Sportler diverser Skiweltcup - Nationalteams. Denn auf der FIS-Trainingsstrecke am Hinterreitlift finden sie ideale Bedingungen zum Trainieren und Testen.

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Kids Discounts

Plenty of discounts are available for the winter season to make your family vacation with kids affordable.

  • Mini Clown Skipass
    Free pass for kids born in 2004 or later. Photo ID is required for all age-specific discounts and benefits.
  • Kids Discount
    For kids born between 1994 and 2003. Photo ID is required for all age-specific discounts and benefits.
  • Teen Discounts
    For kids born between 1991 and 1993. Photo ID is required for all age-specific discounts and benefits.
  • Salzburg Family Pass
    If you present the Salzburg Family Pass issued by the Salzburg government when you buy at least one adult and one children’s ski pass (kids born between 1994 and 2003), all family members will get the special Pinzgau price for full- and half-day ski passes (approx. a 30% on high season prices).

Hey Kids! It's me, Leo! Feel like spending your winter vacation here with me in the fantastic vacation world of Saalfelden and Leogang? I've got lots of things for you to do!

Children's stories

Leo and the Christ Child

Leo is waiting patiently at the window and looking out at the flurry of snowflakes. He is waiting for the Christ Child - the bringer of Christmas presents in Austria - whom he has written a wish list to. While he is waiting he falls asleep though and the next day, when he awakes, the letter has gone. He has missed the Christ Child.

As he comes home from school at lunchtime he discovers a letter from the Christ Child on the windowsill addressed to him. He wishes that Leo would not wait any more for him as it always seemst to be that when children go to sleep or don't expect it, he comes. Leo is overwhelmed with joy that the Christ Child has written to him and tries to fulfil his whish.

On Christmas Eve, the Christ Child brings the presents to Leo, who was greatly looking forward to the moment. Although he was not waiting for the Christ Child after his letter, he was nonetheless hoping to see him today. As he stares out of the window into the darkness, the fine sound of a Christmas bell breaks him out of a daydream. The Christ Child! He's here! Leo starts running as quickly as he can. But he is gone again.

What a shame! All the anger disappears the instant Leo sees the brightly lit Christmas Tree, however. Slowly and with great excitement, Leo heads towards the tree. It is so beautiful! When he sees the pair of skis, he is in seventh heaven. That's just the type he wanted. He is overjoyed and wonders how the Christ Child could have known it. He only wrote "new skis" on his wish list, after all.

Activities and destinations in winter

Familienberg Hinterreit [Family Mountain]

Perfectly groomed slopes with two modern T-bar lifts guarantee skiing fun for the whole family. For all beginners young and old, there is a one-person...

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Winter Hiking - free of charge

Wonderful hiking tours with a great view...

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Meteoric tobogganing fun

Experience energy-packed tobogganing parties on a total of 4 tobogganing runs. The climb can be facilitated either by slow train, tractor or cable car

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Ice skating and ice karting

Pleasant turns with skates on the ice, entertaining ice stock sport or exciting races with ice go-karts! In Saalfelden ice sport has many facets : Fro...

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Building an igloo

Block or tank buster igloo? Depending on the snow quality you decide which design is the most suitable for building a sturdy igloo. Under professional...

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Flying Fox XXL Leogang

Who doesn’t happily remember how much fun it was to slide across a steel cable over the playground? This fun has now grown up: The acceleration is bre...

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Climbing gyms

Here in Saalfelden Leogang they are on the move in one of the most varied and most famous climbing areas in Austria. You can get started with it in tw

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Go-Kart Tracks

You can expect high-end riding fun, whether in winter or summer - you will be amazed!

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