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High Ropes Course

Encounter different situations on our course

When you feel the need to leave the beaten track and have an unforgettable experience. Afterwards, the pleasure of having mastered a new challenge remains, and the well-earned pride in your own accomplishment.

It’s up to you - to go as far and as high as YOU want it and be able to say NO when you want to! With exercises at ground level we slowly get you used to greater heights and move forward step by step to the top. Each participant chooses for him or herself how far and how high he or she wants to go.

Encouraged and supported by your colleagues, you'll be amazed of what heights you’ll be ultimately capable of!

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Programme Overview

Half-day programme

The programme and will be entirely customised to what you want and its contents tailor-made for you.


With exercises at ground level, participants are sensitized and slowly led up to the high elements. This way the participants explore their options and get the time they need.

Half-day programs last approximately 3-4 hours
(mornings or afternoons)

Full-day programs

You can get a lot into swing here…

  • by topics
  • Objectives
  • Content

...and can be gotten into a much more intentional and intensive way. It’s not the number of exercises are important, but the time it takes to make it an individual experience for the participants! More time - more exploring!

Full-day programs last about 6 hours

Equipment & Safety

In our tested system we work with…

  • Top Rope
  • safety halters
  • Team safety halters
  • and self safety halters.

All equipment and material protection is TÜV-tested (German Technical Inspection Association) and all programs on the ropes course are accompanied, secured and moderated exclusively by outdoor trainers. In order to provide our participants maximum safety, we only use complete-combo straps on the rope course.

There is an 8-participant maximum per trainer except where an exercise requires a higher number of participants.


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